Move N1k2J and N1k2JA to 4,7

What do you get when you mix a zero and a j2m, leave the bad aspects of both and remove the good aspects of both? You get the n1k2j/ja. These things are obnoxious to play because they’re SO BAD, LIKE SO DAMN BAD that LITERALLY THE ONLY ADVANTAGE THEY HAVE is ammo count, of which is THE MEDIAN of ammo count for 5.0-7.0, and the type 99’s are dog crap now.

who on it’s mind thinks the n1k2j is equal or close to the f2g? the yak3u, the spitfire lf mk9, the la7??? the fact that i’m managing to kill people with something that can’t turn, can’t roll, can’t boom and zoom, can’t climb and can’t do anything else proves how god damn bad the majority of players you find are.

Why does this thing have to face f89’s daily (a plane that DEFINITELY IS NOT MORE OP THAN THE SU11), why does this thing have to face p51h’s (which literally outdogfight it by solely having better thrust), why does this have to compress so much worse than bearcats (a plane that feels cold compared to most japanese thermodynamics)

why do japanese players have to SUFFER under the incompetence of western players?

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4.7 is probably too low, but it is indeed laughably overtiered.


I’d say 5.0 - 5.3 would be appropriate for it.


minor nation moment and legacy to lazy to change brs

Funny thang is the n1k1 is 5.3 and it behaves better stock than the latter ones spaded :skull: :skull:

anyway I got my beautiful 3kd and spaded it. Glad that despite I’m a shitter I still carry on pumping up the BR’s of unwanted planes like the sea fury and this.

yes the n1k is too overtiered. Same for the sea fury, barely 1kmh faster than the d9 but much worse in every other metric… sitting 0.7br higher (lol) another ubertiered plane i find imo is the j7w1 but it is good at diving so it kinda works against jets?

The Ki-84s are strange too.
The first one, the Ki-84 ko is BR 5.3 (realistic) and the final one is BR 6.3. The only difference is that the final one has 2x 30mm cannon while the first one has 2x 12.7mm (in addition to both having 2x 20mm cannon). But, airframe/ flight performance is the same between the two. So the 2x 30mm cannon jumps it up in BR from 5.3 to 6.3…

It’s a japanese fighter with 4 cannons. Type 99s are very good right now, and have been for a while.

Radiator behavior is very inefficient. It can remain cold with just 25-30% radiators.