Move N1K2 J's to 4.7

what do you get when you pick a zero and a j2m and leave all the bad traits with none of the good traits? You get the n1k. Slow, boaty, compresses into oblivion, horrible guns and horrible climb rate. I’ve LITERALLY out fought n1k’s with 190D’s and f7f IN TURN FIGHTS and won. The plane is just bad. It can’t climb, it can’t turn, it can’t roll unless you use rudder (which makes you turbo slow), IT CAN’T EVEN WEP FOREVER WITH MEC because even mec is not enough to seek for a balance between thrust and low temperatures. Why are so many japanese aircraft so utterly useless? the j5n1, the n1k, the zero, the late ki61s etc. Even in full downtier the n1k struggles against focke wulfs lmao. It’s NOT my problem if a plane is objectively bad, besides it’s one of my best planes in terms of statistics.

Also remove the auto flap thing, it REALLY IS A MASSIVE DAMN DETRIMENT FOR THE PLANE!!!


I don’t completely agree with your assessment of the plane as all bad and no good, but I agree that it is massively overtiered and should have its BR reduced. I think it’s climb is ok(not great), I find the guns very effective with basically unlimited ammo, and the maneuverability is good as long as you are not compressing, and especially good if you are going slow enough that you can deploy the flaps. The primary downside of the plane overall is the poor top speed, so everyone can just run away if they see you and you can’t even dive on people without compressing.

The automatic system preventing you from deploying the flaps is extremely annoying, and I don’t think it is historically accurate either. I know the plane DID have a mercury switch system that allowed the flaps to automatically deploy in high G maneuvers for dogfighting, but I don’t think this or any other system would PREVENT the flaps from being deployed. I presume the flaps could be manually deployed by the pilot without the automatic system as well since this would be necessary during takeoff and landing.

4.7 sounds low to me but the Fw 190 Doras are at 5.0 and are flat out superior except for low speed turnfighting so perhaps 4.7 really is justified.

yep this is the performance done by a plane with zero positive qualities whatsoever

prop pitch 100% both rads 30%

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ground rb

now use it on air RB where everyone is trying to kill you instead of tunnel visioning onto tanks.

the dora literally turns inside the n1k at slow speed. And so does the f7f. Why? these planes Keep having thrust below 300 ias where the n1k loses most of it.

About the infinite ammo; around 800-900 shells is the average for 20mm cannons at that BR and they’re usually better (damage, velocity and fire rate wise)

been there done that got the shirt and commemorative mug for it

Actually, I believe most of my games for it are in Air RB, though usually I run out of targets well before dying.

Of those 6 planes, only 2 were completely unaware of my existence. I have gotten the same result (~6 air kills) when I was getting engaged by several aircraft in a row, including an SK60 AND some kinda corsair at the same time, and still won.

190 Dora outturning the N1K2 at low speed seems unlikely assuming the N1K2 is using its flaps, though maybe I have just never had it happen. F7F outturning it seems outright impossible.

900 rounds with 4x 20mm cannons is an average of 225 rounds per gun, the only planes I know of that carry an equivalent number of 20mm guns with equivalent or greater ammo capacity are the cannon Corsairs. There are planes with greater number of rounds per gun but they have fewer cannons and less ammo total.

However, the lower RoF of the Type 99 Model 2 is precisely what gives it unlimited ammo. The other planes have RoF more like 700-800 RPM and burn through their ammo much more quickly, while the Type 99 paces itself and is almost impossible to run out of even if you spray like crazy, so there is less need to hold your trigger finger and you can afford to spray from a distance or take risky shots.

I agree that US and UK 20mm cannons have better velocity by about 50-80 m/s, however I completely disagree about the damage output. I noticed in your video that you used Tracer belts, which I would suggest against for Type 99s. It may be pure HEF-T, but if you check the stats of the shells, the HEF shell has 2x!! as much explosive filler as the HEF-T shell, which is significantly greater than even AN/M3s HEFI, while the HEF-T shell’s payload is rather anemic which could explain the poor damage output you are finding with Tracer belts.

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so you’re agreeing that the n1k2 j and ja are there because of infinite spray, even despite most aircraft can turn inside it at most speeds, are about 200kmh faster than it and handle better overall. Right, move n1k2 to 4.7.

yes it’s easy to do stuff on n1k2 when nobody climbs at 6km of altitude.

Post the air RB video.

The 4.7 J2M2 has pretty equal flight performance to the 6.0 N1K2-Ja.


The N1K2-Ja would be fine at 5.3, but because it’s Japanese and faces US pilots it gets artificially up-tiered above it’s theoretical capabilities.

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Whenever I get to actually play Air RB in a meaningful amount.