Move MiG23 ML/MLD/MLA to 11.7

also the mig 21 needs to keep after burning the whole time because it bleeds speed so much, and what 9.7 planes are better

depends on how you do. MiG23 ML has a larger afterburner plume and is 200 degrees hotter than the f-4, enough to even take aim9j’s head on from 1.2km away lock-launch distance. You also have large caliber countermeasures which are going to deter missiles better than the average 30mm diameter AN-ALE40 flare cartridge found on most 10.3s-12.3s whereas the mig23s have privilege access to 60mm flare cartridges.

The possible reason why the r60 is “ignoring flares” is probably because it’s so wobbly it will eventually proxy on a the target aircraft when you are flaring side aspect missiles that will turn inside to get the flares, consequently striking the target.

I agree, when I was using the mig21 lazer m i had some moments were it kind of ignored flares but it proxyed to far away to kill. but whenever this happened to a f-5 it seemed like they could still fly but could not fight

they’re strike aircraft… this is a fighter…

your whole proposal is bs. its just fine at 11.3; anything higher and it would get absolutely slaughtered(look at the JA 37D as a comparison, which is worse but at 11.7 and gets absolutel eaten alive)

there is a fighter tornado

that one is 11.7


since when lol i though it was 11.3

doesnt really matter anyways its a fat whale of an aircraft with questionable radar missiles

it has always been 11.3

This guy is really the gift that keeps on giving lol, what is it now 3 threads that all make no sense ? Or 4 ?

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I see another satire post has been made. Well done!


Have you tried spading the 21SMT these days? It’s hell

11.7 in sim only

when i got the f5c last year’s sale i could pick the bomb, troll a target mid air and still score 4 more kills flying around normally after taking the explosion. Now the plane becomes unflyable after any hit; not that it’s easy to kill either, if you still manage to just tear an elevator or an aileron it’s still bussin. However the troll bomb kills you 100 percent. Damaging an f-5c will grant you a kill stealer taking the frag. The F5 is very powerful but it doesn’t have the privileges to start down low because it’s very powerless, it still needs a lot of potential energy to do well. Hell in fact before the f4s spam and all i would climb up to 10k and kill 3 people by just going up and down like a prop and then 2v1 two SMT’s that committed to a rate fight while i held mach 1.

F-5 is hella fun to play but it’s been powercrept. if the f5 feels hard to fly now imagine the rest of 10.3s that are not a mig21 smt/mf.

just because it’s a strike aircraft does it mean it deserves 11.3 despite having two narrow fov aim9l’s and obligatory flare pods while being eye candy for head on aim9b’s? Brother, the effing-18 hornet is a strike aircraft and one of the best dogfighters in the entire supersonic jet history. The tornado is castrated, missing armament and has the flight model of an amogus that has been shocked after watching elsagate about itself on youtube kids. The JA37D is still a viggen, it can dogfight a lot of stuff and is one of the fastest planes in the deck. It has six aim9l’s sure, but does that also make up for the BR? sometimes.

my blud the flogger main is still carrying the (failed) psyop.

ASK yourself why are you doing so much better on the floggers than on other planes of the same br with just 100 battles (and 1000 kills) less.

It is not on the same level as F-14A in any way shape or form

the f-14a would have been a good 12.0 prospect before the r27er stopped being trash 8 months ago.

don’t worry , the mig-29 is trash now , you got what you wanted. loses more speed than MIG-21 in a turn and accelerates slower than F4S until Mach 1

It may of got nerfed but the missiles it carries remain deadly.

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