Move MiG23 ML/MLD/MLA to 11.7

-Privileges of not needing to engage
-Among the fastest planes in the entire game
-Due to recent changes, r60m’s are ignoring flares.
-Decent amount of missiles + two free kills within range with r24r (it’s the best skyflash type missile in the game)
-60x Large caliber countermeasures
-insane flight performance (why do tornadoes share their br???)
-Great dogfighter
-constant energy state, just a little worse than that of a 12.0.

the ML family of aircraft is being absolutely SPAMMED like HELL and has always been SPAMMED since it’s addition at 10.3, seriously i still can’t fathom how we could have three 11.3s in our team while the other team is full of MiG23 ML’s, that’s not how an uptier should work besides the fact that mig23 ml’s can just disengage from anyone thats not an f16 or a mig29 and then absolutely ruin your day. It is probably the only 11.3 that doesn’t suffer whatsoever when it goes to 12.0 (now 12.3). It just ruins the living SH!T of stuff like mirages, f-5s and even planes of it’s own fkn br like the turdnado and the mirage f1. WHY are these planes so LOW in br? they don’t suffer at ANY br, anywhere they go they are all just taking aim9j’s head on because they’re stupid, but if a mig23 ml is clever enough it can wreck half a lobby. I was on f-5c on a 150x booster (there you go full uptier where team had four 11.3s and the whole enemy team was made of mig23s haha boosters don’t affect!)

There were three 11.3 vehicles only in my team, while there were four (ignore the tiger tornado marked). Of which these three in my team only two of them were 11.3 worthy with ok-ish performance and decent missiles; while on the other team there were FOUR 11.3s with 11.7 performance and that just doesn’t make any sense. Let’s not forget their armament and all. Yes the f-4s can carry six sparrows, but these have been missing machines lately and they’ve been easy to dodge and insta notch before.




like being 500kmh faster at sea level than most 10.3’s?

Its an 11.3, one would be surprised if it weren’t faster than vehicles a full BR lower than it.

Better off comparing it to other 11.3’s.


So 11.3 plane that has much better engine and airframe is faster then 10.3 planes, how shocking.

Also R60M’s ignores flares just like how Sidewinders do, nothing special in here.


You just want 80-85% of winrate on your op F-5C. NO


May i please get some of those R-60M missiles? If you cannot flare R-60Ms i wonder what you will think when you see Magic II and AIM-9M/L


I mean, if he’s having trouble with MLs… Yea ayy lmao

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i already compared it to other 11.3s, but these 11.3s’ are over BRd. So sad.

cries about f5c being OP
literally mains the f89b.


lol, there are more planes than the f5c at 10.3, and the f5c is probably the best of them right after the mig21 smt and mf.

there’s a difference between r60m’s and magic 2s: you don’t see the later ones til very 11.0 lmao. And the mirage 2000 isn’t common enough to be worried about.

r-60’s get 1 flared


Not anymore.

They’re not over BRed.

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you are in a f-5c with a tiny thermal signature saying r-60s ignore flares? even if they do try this insane trick called cutting your after burner


even if you cut your afterburner, the r60 will absolutely ignore any flare if it is launched from side aspect. Besides the fact that f-5c is literally powerless compared to other aircraft from 9.7 and above and it has to keep wep all the time, but that’s not the problem, the problem is that literally everything else that’s not a mig21 or a mig23 needs to be afterburning all the time to keep their speed on survival energy states.

Wildly untrue.


dude im flying a mig 23 rn full burner 1 flaring r-60s. if a r-60 ignores your flares once doesnt mean it is insanely flare resistant.


yeah sure, not at all, the mirage f1c is totally 11.3 worthy, and the tornadoes, and the F104S ASA, and the ASJ37. Of course, literally the rest of 11.3s are not 11.3 worthy lmao. And the phantoms? they’re backed up by good missiles that still fall apart from the mig23 ml’s radar missiles.

Magic 2 buff, of course its 11.3 worthy.