Move M42 Duster to Tier 4

In light of the BR changes,

The massive gap for SPAA at Tier 4 USA has been a peeve of mine since I last saw it,
I always value the use of SPAA to recover spawn points and also do a few bit more bits of RP Gain, however obviously I cannot research Tier 5 USA without a Tier 4 SPAA if I happen to die in all my other vehicles.

Now that this vehicle is being categorised under the M19, it is becoming increasingly clear there is no mean to fill that gap.

The battle rating is the MAIN issue, of course with no obvious way to fix it, but there are enough vehicles at 4.0 BR at Tier 4 (take the P51D in USA for example)
Either this gap gets filled or move the M42 to tier 4 please,


They’ll have to add something in that gap at some point. Personally I’m hoping we’ll see something like the T77 in that gap to fill some of it.


M42 was previously a Tier 4 (or Tier 5) SPAA,and it was super expensive due to its repair costs

Since repair costs are dependent on the tier,and since the M42 is a worse M19,i honestly prefer the M42 to remain at Tier 3

That gap is very big,but there are a lot of US SPAA that can be added to fill said gap.

I (want to) believe Gaijin will eventually add one of those APC boxes with the 20mm M139, similar to the ones in Japan and France.



yeah I definitely prefer the M19 to the M42, its faster and better at flanking and use against tanks, while being identical to the M42 against planes

Actually saw a suggestion for that exact vehicle just the other day and hell yes we need one of those too

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Thanks for the replies, friends
Whilst we can hold our breath for a better vehicle to fill the gap, sometimes people don’t fancy waiting ages for the next update where they POTENTIALLY add a new vehicle for said area

I do look forward to them adding something to fill it out though, just hope its sooner rather than later :]