Move low level idiots from top tier

Title says everything. Understand however you like im tired of this sh*t. 1 death leaves the match.


Yeah honestly. They should change match making so that 1 death leavers only fight each other most of the time, and those of us who die 5-7 times only match with other players who have good credibility. I don’t actually play top tier but the problem is widespread. My team loses in the first 5 minutes.

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nah we should all just leave after 1 death and blame MM and economy…we sorta fixed eco now lets focus MM

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You speak like top tier players know nothing about the game.How many years does it take to reach top tier? If they are leaving in droves who is he C*** the player or the game makers? Have a little think about it.What effort have you put into getting to the top tier? Have they not dont the same ?

Ie; “Why ma’ top tier queue times now be like 15 minutes long? Waaaaa.”

He’s referring to the newbie players who buy the top-tier packages. Gaijin gives them 10 games against bots in reserve tanks and then throws them to the wolves.


I have been playing 3 years and would last a minute in top tier.

Believe it or not, it’s worse in ARB. The F-5Cs that don’t crash on take off usually get chewed up by more experienced players.

Get fast time just to get stupid map it not worth my time either i rather wait and get good map rather than fast but garbage map

Hot take, but I prefer players ODL when they’re tilting/playing out of their league vs someone spawning M22 locusts and feeding spawn points constantly while I’m trying to turn the match around. It’s one thing to want to keep fighting, it’s another when you’re throwing to the point of helping the enemy team spawn their 1k SP giga-cas-monster to drop 8 1000kg bombs on the 2 people actually doing something on the team.


Absolutely agree

Screenshot by Lightshot This is what im reffering literally lvl 20-50 with 2 premium or more vehicles people think that if they gonna buy turms,2s38,ka-50’s they gonna beat the game but instead they just die after 1 death and insta leaves.

By the way this map was insta spawn camp map i could not do anything much with not fully spaded tanks.

Same diff. But that isn’t why they 1DL. They learned that the MM is capricious. So it mixes players of all levels together newbs and no-life lvl 10,000 basement dwellers. So when they get a game where the whole team is getting clubbed, they quit for better luck with the next game.
That and its bot scripts that don’t have the functionality or motive to respawn because they’ll scrape greater fractional rewards per unit time on large numbers of 1DLs than 2.

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But they are in other team too so you might be just coping.

Lvl 100 also leaves after one death and not only on top tier.