Move F2G to 7.0


No explanation needed, just move it to 7.0.


He should have died seven times and still managed to wipe out two fighters that sit way too high in BR.


This is an issue of Realshatter and not the F-2G being overpowered


its F2G-1 is very strong at 6.0, at 6.3 it would be balanced, 7.0 is far too high, Just like planes like the P-51H being rediculously strong for their BR (P-51H is a real threat to the Spitfire F.24 but the Spit F.24 is 7.0 and suffers for it), having played the Spitfire F.24 its not a fun experience, not to mention iirc the corsair DMs are extremely strong, not to mention its just durable anyway, and the fact the F2G-1 has the single strongest Piston engine in game at around 3300HP iirc,


Doesn’t look like an “issue” of realshatter, in one instance he tore off half the aircraft and in the other he hit a laughable amount of shots into the tail of it.

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After reading your comment I went looking for what Realshatter is and found this. I leave it here for all those who don’t know what Realshatter is.

Yeah that video is incorrect.
Wouldn’t be surprised if it was made when there were bugs in the new simulation as well.


If you can find a proper video then link it for everyone to understand what exactly Realshatter is.

I honestly hate f2-g1 if I could exchange a vehicle for a ticket, it would be the first one from being removed from my account, it’s unplayable, I hate ww2 vehicles in the American tree but I already love jets

sorry to hear that but you have a massive skill issue. American props are the best, period. The F2G is better the higher in BR you go. It’s extremely ergonomic and it can easily stall out anything that merges with it, even ta152hs. I’ve merged with 190s at 690kmh and left them two kilometers behind me stalling out helplessly while something like the sea fury needs to cook it’s engine flying straight on wep to reach 680kmh. The F2G out dives the best boom and zoom aircraft like the J7W1 and the re2005, the f2g also climbs like a hornet and stall fights so much better than the BF109. Just don’t use your rudder so much because you will flat spin. I remember I once activated a 500x booster for monys and killed three me262s and a su-11, a hornet and a ju288 and tried to kamikaze into an arado 234 since somehow the g8n of my team was alive, I missed and we lost to tickets. It’s an extremely fun plane that requires lots of situational awareness to know when to keep your speed and altitude and when to stall fight.

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While the F2G is under BRed at 6.0br, I think 6.3 or 6.7br would be more fair. That and the P-51H needs to be moved up as well.

Though yeah sadly the sparks from the Japanese 30mm is probably due to the nerf they did at September or October, especially for 30mm tracer belt.

Just wondering, did you use the tracer belt, cause that maybe the main reason why you got so many sparks.

I don’t really have a problem with skills, for me this plane is terrible like half of the US tree, I prefer other types of machines already this bf-109, or something Japanese.

what? I love th MK 24 Spitfire

P-51H isn’t much of a threat if you climb to it’s favorite Altitude of 6-10km

It’s commonly known what it is, though if you want to show people then you should use current information… Not stuff from a year-old video.

Wrong not everyone knows what Realshatter is.

To understand what it is I did a quick search and had found the video I showed above, but after you told me it was no good, I also pointed out for those who knew what Realshatter was to put up a video so everyone can understand it.

Anyway, your comment is pretty much useless, you only came here to complain about my comment… If you wanted to help, all you had to do was put up a more recent video explaining Realshatter as I had suggested in the previous comment.

Yes, almost everybody who’s been playing air since January of '23 knows what it is.

The quickest of searches brings you to the forum page " RealShatter Implementation in Aircraft guns.".

My comment was made to point out the irrelevance of most of that video, as it does not go over the history of realshatter, how it fundamentally works, or its implementation to air battles.
The rest of it is throwing trash at it due to outdated issues with are no longer present.

Sorry, when did I need to post a vIdEo of realshatter? Is the only credible source on the topic that of a youtuber with 25k subs?

sadly theres 2 things there.
1, you will rearely get to that altitude band,
2. the P-51H can just dive and force a lower altitude engagement

yes the spitfire can just win in that bracket but its not practical, and its either accept a lower altitude fight where its less in favour, lose to tickets or do nothing the entire match, Props take a while to climb

My comment was to point out to you the hypocrisy you have shown, and continue to show, in telling me that my comment is as irrelevant as you yourself have only set out to judge without lending a hand… I unlike you at least openly asked that if someone had newer files to share them for everyone, you on the other hand only came to complain and are continuing to do so.

Dude your link you put doesn’t work and it literally tells me this:

Sorry, there is a problem

You do not have permission to view this topic.
Error code: 2F173/K

At least try to share a file that works, if you can’t do it, leave it alone and we’ll wait for someone more capable.

I have had a different experience

The only point in my comment was to state that your video was horribly outdated. I’ve gone beyond that now and I have given background to the realshatter model, though apparently that isn’t enough for you.

You, unlike me, have called it quits at a single youtube video and are now attacking others because they stated the video was outdated. You’ve been given a direct source to a realshatter article, though it seems you don’t understand how the forums work.

That’s an old-forum link. Error code 2F173/K is a thread archive and is only shown to users without the proper account trust-level.
If you do not have the “Good” reputation, you cannot see it.
If you are not logged in, you cannot see it.

It does not get any simpler than this.

The only point in my comment was to state that you didn’t lend a hand and simply complained, which unfortunately is true. You only went beyond that because I pointed out the absurdity of your initial comment and hypocrisy behind it.

I unlike you at least was humble enough to ask for help in finding information, you on the other hand only came here to argue and criticise.

I have “Good” reputation and I am also logged in, but it keeps giving me the same error.

I realised it was from the old forum, that’s why it would be a good idea to put a link for everyone to see… That’s what I wanted… So that it helps people understand what Realshatternon is, and not a link that only a few can see. Having said that I thank you for at least trying, but you need a link that everyone can see otherwise there is no point.