Move Buccaneer S.1 to rank V

The Buccaneer S.1 is underpowered(historically true) and lacks any kind of ability to defend itself including not having flares. It has the ability to face the 9.7 strike aircraft mafia. With a full bomb load you can barely get off the runway and much less think about climbing or accelerating at any acceptable rate. Having an Airspawn would at least make it easier to hit bases without having to make a circle around the map to not get shot down. Also the Buccaneers were supposed to get the Aden gun pod but that project was canceled. But there is historical precedent for the addition of the gun pods/game precedent of moving away from realism for the sake of gameplay. It’s truly an iconic aircraft and it’s sad to see its current state in the game.


Are you sure you have your aircraft designation correct?

I ask because i find the aircraft to be very maneuverable, extremely good acceleration with fantastic payload.
Even with full payload i find it to be fantastic. - hell - i always find myself having to reduce throttle because i reach wing rip speeds.
If you are not skirting around the edge of the map and staying undetected at low alt - then you are playing it wrong.
Edit: I was referencing the S.2 - my mistake.
I sold my S.1 because S.2 so much more better - that being said - they have the same application.

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I agree that it should be reduced in BR. Nearly every nation has a jet strike aircraft (F-84F) with bomb CCRP at 8.3. They also have guns, allowing them to defend themselves. The Saab-105G even has IR missiles at 8.3 along with CCRP and guns. I don’t believe that the S.1’s bomb payload or (inaccurate) rockets warrant it being at the current 8.7 BR.

Edit: Also, by lowering its BR, it would be a better fit for its CAS role. There are at least four 8.3 ground vehicles to allow a good line-up for Britain at that BR. There are only a couple at 8.7, where the S.1 sits now. Britain only as a couple 9.0 ground vehicles in the tech tree, although that can be bolstered with premiums. The Buccaneer has a limited opportunity to have any viability; putting it at 8.3 would give its short life some meaning.

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