Move AU-1 to 6.3

The f4u 4b is 6.0 material alone, the au-1 is a f4u 4b with airspawn. Move AU-1 to 6.3 since it has the privilege of an airspawn.

Today I got into the sea fury (a 3.7 like performing aircraft whose only advantage is the average diving speed the other 5.7s can completely surpass) and tried to juggle with an entire team (as for the sea fury literally climbs worse than the j7w1) and became the 5th kill of an au-1. The AU-1 is not heavy, it’s not slow, it’s engine is not powerless. It’s a literal f4u 4b, a fighter prop with ground spawn.


i do agree but it won’t help because then it’ll have a high chance of getting down tiered so i recommend not taking it to 6.3 because then everyone and 6.0 and maybe even 5.7 and 5.3 suffering so yes good idea but then gaijin will have to fix uptiers and downtiers

Any new squadrons? usa germany ussr? if you want to maybe look at my post and give me a recommendation it’ll be much obliged

No it’s an uparmored F4U-5 with an engine optimized for low altitude flight and better suspended armament because it is a strike aircraft variant of the Corsair. Classed as a striker because it is, strikers get airspawns.

If people use it as a faux fighter, then it’s just in the same boat as the Wyvern, Do-335B2, and any other striker that can be used a faux interceptors and such.