Move Atlanta to BR 5.7 or 6.0

I’m pretty sure that Atlanta is one of the most broken vehicle in sea battles. Deadly against Destroyers and other light cruisers, and more than capable against heavy cruiers. I really wonder if gaijin really want to sell premium destroyers… Or you devs care about nothing at all.


yes, I mentioned that a few years ago, as Gajin buffed HE again, the Atlanta is much better than most the cruisers under 5.7


It only has 6" guns though, and the early cruisers for the US are all bad (except the Atlanta) due to the infinitely long 8" reload rate. Please do not make the middle of the US tree more painful, literally there is no point in using any of the Tier III vessels and the only Tier IV that is useful is the Atlanta.

It is incredibly powerful vessel I agree, but if you move to to 5.7 or 6.0 it will be facing constant battleships, which it cannot do anything to.

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It has destroyer guns (5") with very weak penetration, no secondaries, weak AA (unless you are using the main guns), and terrible torpedoes. There is no way this thing should be uptiered.

If you are losing to this in a heavy cruiser, it’s because you aren’t doing something right.

The Krasny Krym (5.3) has 1 fewer gun, less armor, and is slower at 5.3. It does have more crew and slightly more pen as well as better secondaries.

The Leipzig (5.3) is slower, has far worse armor, fewer guns, but more pen and a bigger crew.

The Atlanta is fine where it is. If it goes up, it won’t be able to compete.


5 inch, but 14 guns, it could use HE kill everything under 5.7, HE has been buffed and it can use HE to make the hull break, which will make those heavy cruisers leak of water and can’t fix up, the new mechanisms makes Atlanta could challenge most of 5.7 heavy cruisers. By the way, except Omaha class, all of US light cruisers are really OP


Unless lucky enough to make an ammunition explosive, most heavy cruisers won’t able to fight with it(especially IJN/UK), or need at least 10km to make sure the 5inch gun is hard to aim.


Yes, I didn’t mention those cruisers because they have generally weaker guns than the German and Russian cruisers at 5.3. That omission was on purpose. However, the IJN cruisers have great torpedoes at 5.7 which they should be relying on just as much as their guns.

If you are closing with an Atlanta when you have the advantage over 10km, then that would be the aforementioned skill issue.

5" HE can cause flooding, but it’s nothing like the bigger shells and takes just as long as disabling the crew. I took down multiple Atlantas yesterday at range with heavy the Fargo, Zheleznyakov, and Shcherbakov with few issues. The Atlanta just can’t take hits from heavy cruisers with 33mm of gun armor. They get knocked out quite easily. Putting them up to 5.7 to 6.0 would just make them a target and nothing else.

of course, Atlanta is hard to against with these 6.0 cruisers, they are much stronger than those 5.7 cruisers. they have better armor and more crew members, fire power is much better.

However, when you compare those ships under 5.7, they are different, as I said, even Atalanta uses HE, which could easily kill most of them, like IJN or British Heavy cruisers, last day i used Myoko, The Atlanta just uses 45s to kill over 70% crew members, and because of the fire the water leak, my reload time was extended to 20s.

For most of cruisers under 5.7, their turret armor couldn’t defeat with 5-inch SAP, even though HE. BUT the 203mm AP will make over-penetrate on Atalanta

Most of the map design for 5.7 is close to 10km, that is not a skill issue, the respawn point is close to 10km, so there is no doubt that Atalanta find a place to approach you.

Never trust torpedoes, even if it is in AB, the speed of a Torpeodo has been nerfing under AB when it is over 4km, in RB, if someone is hit by a torpedo far from 3km in RB, that is a skill issue.

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The claim was "and more than capable against heavy cruisers. " I was countering that. There are very few heavy cruisers at 5.7 (tech tree):

German 1
GB 3
Japan 2
Italy 1
France 0

I would take any of them except Italy 1v1 vs the Atlanta. A 5" gun does not belong at 5.7 or above no matter how many it has.

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Wait, the Atlanta isnt a 5.7? I assumed it was, as it can easily go toe to toe with any British 5.7 Light cruiser (maybe even any British 5.7 Heavy cruiser, though that isnt saying much)

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4* (all British heavy cruisers are 5.7 or lower, we have no BR6 Heavy)

with an honourable mention 5.3 heavy cruiser as well.

What makes it “OP” / strong is not necessarily the calibre, but volume of fire. With the ability to fire 7x twin 5 inch guns in a broadside, with a 4 second reload rate (higher when in first stage) you can swamp almost any target. If fired in sequence and not salvo, you can maintain a truly continuous stream of fire. The shells do more than enough damage to at least disable enemy weapons and damage sub-systems on even most heavy cruisers and will certainly create a continuous fire to deal with. With most kills coming from crew damage and not ammo detonating, the calibre is almost irrelevant.

Combine with a pretty decent armour and mobility. with ammo wracks well protected and you can compete with much heavier targets.

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Yeah even the turrets of the UK ships can be penned by moffett HE

The 6" was a typo oof, anyways the only light cruisers that are good (besides the Atlanta) are at battleship BR’s, so they’re going to be the lightest ships around besides the coastal vessels.

The main issue I was talking about every ship in Tier III and IV for the US tree, where literally (if the Atlanta was moved to 5.7/6.0) there would not be a viable ship from 4.7 all the way tp 5.7/6.0.

The Tier III light cruisers (as you admitted) are useless and the Tier III destroyers have near half the survivability of the Tier II destroyers; the Tier IV heavy cruisers are also not great due to them having the literal slowest reloading and rotating 8" guns in the game (a 20 second reload), although they do have a high number of crew.

I have never said they aren’t strong, but I disagree with them being overpowered. The proposed solution would cause the exact opposite problem at the moment. I have no problem with it being moved if there is some BR decompression, but I object to making it nearly useless. I believe these 5” guns, now matter the rate of fire, can’t compete if moved to 5.7 or 6.0.

The fast- firing meta is there, but that doesn’t mean that the Nevada is not an extremely powerful ship at 7.0 when compared to the faster firing Kronshtadt.

This is not a ship I enjoy playing, but I know many people do, as it is a natural progression from the 4.7 destroyers and to the 6.0 cruisers in the United States tree.

We desperately need BR decompression before moving any of the current ships anywhere. I don’t know why they haven’t added 8.0 given they added a rank VI, but it’s long overdue.

The Atlanta is busted, it deserves to go to 5.7, the ship is a bloody terror especially when it’s fully spaded. You don’t want it moved up because it’ll ruin your 3 to 1 KD in it.

Look at how often I played the Atlanta after I spaded it. It sits in my hangar. My observations are not based on what I want to see. If you bothered to read all of my comments on other vehicles, you will see I’m consistent in my positions. Accusing me of some personal motive isn’t a replacement for a real argument. Enjoy your day.

Yeah like you I dont’ use it either - it has weak armour and is quite vulnerable - 6" or 5.25" cruisers with better armour smash it.

Even 2 x 4.7/5.0 DD’s teaming it will wreck it faster than it can damage them.

Plus it has weak AA notwithstanding all those DP 5" - they are usually shooting at surface targets, and if htey go to AA then that’s a good result too!

It is SPECTACULAR… and a DD killer if left alone… so don’t leave it alone.

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It absolutely needs to be 5.7, anyone saying otherwise plays Atlanta, I have it and the thing wrecks at 5.3, sad thing is I’m now playing 4.3 pt boats and consistently see Atlantas at that br early racking up 10+ kills before they die