Move Atlanta to BR 5.7 or 6.0

Most cruisers in 5.7/6.0 cannot do anything to the battleships. No idea why you expect Atlanta to be any exception to that.


what? that’s like saying dd’s shouldn’t be at 5.0 because they can’t hurt cruisers at 6.0, i play my moffett in 7.0 games and harass bb’s, the HE absolutely damages them, obviously you won’t be dev striking anything but atlanta has enough guns that it would be balanced at 5.7 because it will also see 4.7


Your record in the Atlanta speaks for itself, every time I see an Atlanta wrecking a team, I check the persons stat card, 9 times out of 10 they have a 5 to 1 KD or more, the Atlanta 100% should 5.7 BR.


As I said, check the last time I played the Atlanta. I far prefer something like the Colbert at 5.3. It hits way does require more skill to play. I can “wreck” people regardless of the ship in most cases.

I have an opinion.

Leave it alone. Why? while yes it is a slightly better than the Dido (the other escort Cruiser at the similar BR), both of them are highly map dependent on having some variety of terrain to close the gap to within 7-8km to get grasps of the enemy as the 5"/38 is pretty floaty past that. And yes, it deletes DDs, most light Cruisers absolutely do, you really ought to see what the Helena or Cleveland does to DDs in an EC match.

The problem is that it isn’t par to like a Hipper, (British Heavy Cruisers not withstanding, they are all trash), The Furry Taco/Aoba or most of the other things at 5.7 outside of being very close range. And I’d wager most of the 5.3 Cruisers come out winning an engagement with the Atlanta if they get the first hits in (I’ve done in the Leander/Dido/etc) while also not having to give up the ability to do something to a heavy cruiser.

Finally, they are just an XP pinata to a 6.7 Battleship even more so than the current 203mm armed 5.7 cruisers who have a chance of doing something.

You need to accept that the Cruiser BR range is highly compressed and going up to 5.7 is only going t o make it BB food while also not changing the fact that MOST of the prem DDs everyone and their kid spams are 4.7 so you aren’t even moving it out of the BR range anyway.

I just believe that it like the Dido exist to delete Porters, Knox and Moffetts from the match.

On that I disagree.

You give no counter arguments, just ‘no’.

That is inclusive to a mindset that isn’t remotely interested in being wrong, or open to actual discussion on the subject. Given that’s the case, I do have better things to do with my time.

I stated previously that the Atlanta was over powered for where it sits, and with the new HE buffs it will probably be even more so. 5.7 BR would be fine for it, it would still face DD’s and cruisers, with the odd BP, which would move it away from weaker ships that can’t deal with it at all.


I am so sick of dealing with Atlanta. Not only does it have insane fire power that can deal with any destroyer, light cruiser, and most heavy cruisers in a few salvos, it’s also very well protected with a 95mm citadel and anti-frag armour all around, which is better than many heavy cruisers even in the US tech tree. Oh yeah, and HEVT shells, so it can easily kill any CAS from 5k+ away. Oh, and 8 torpedoes. Oh, and also, the best fire control you can get on a light cruiser. This ship has made playing the recent even miserable, it absolutely needs to go to 6.0.


After gaijin buffed all of the HE and SAP, and nerf the hull. Atlanta now is better than most of heavy cruisers lmao.


What a shocker, the Atlanta is even more powerful due to the HE and SAP changes, it would be better at 6.0 now, not even 5.7 it is a absolutely disgusting monster.


I’d rather they just fix the awful mess they created with the HE changes. They now have to fix every single ship, because they allowed armor gaps in models to hang around for months or years.

Slight necropositing but I just had a match where 1 (possibly two) Atlanta sat behind a island 14 km away (it was one of those convoy rb maps) and shot at anything that appeared at my spawn.

I, playing with the IJN Isuzu, couldn’t really do much, so I died, spawned back on a Akizuki (which at least had some fighting chance with the torpedoes) but immediately after spawning they opened their barrage on me so I launch my long lances at almost max range (couldn’t really go more near so either way) and I immediately try to hide behind a smoke (which didn’t work and they kept shooting at me, eventually destroying my Akizuki as well) and the match ended before those could even get near them probably.

unrelated to the engagement but they seem to have forced some AI German ship (I don’t remember the name but it was some big ship, I think it was a Kaiser but I don’t know if those can even spawn at 4.7) to beach itself on the island, don’t know if it was related to the destruction of my team, but it did eat the revenge torpedo I launched from a B5N2 against the Atlanta.

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you see, the problem is, those defending for Atlanta in the post are in fact Atlanta abusers who don’t want to get their armored wheelchair removed.


Haven’t used the Atlanta in over 6 months.

So your logic is a bit…flawed.

Actually your logic is flawed, you say it shouldn’t move up because it will be “bb food”

How about the 5.0 destroyers that are cruiser food?

You think this one ship should remain while the entire br that it faces suffers?

It really isn’t. The point of my ‘logic’, or opinion is the fact that moving the Atlanta up isn’t going to change the problem nor is it so overwhelmingly ‘great’ at -everything- that it needs to move up to be force fed a diet of heavy cruisers that they can barely do anything to or the outright superior light cruisers of the US line up.

Furthermore, even moving it up isn’t going to change the fact that the DD at 5.0 is cruiser food. Perhaps taking some time and figuring out why said DD is at 5.0 will bear some fruit.

Moving a basically average light Cruiser up just because DD prem spammers get farmed by light cruisers in general isn’t exactly going to prove or disprove anything. I would also suggest looking at other similar cruisers at the same BR and play them for a bit.

I have 7.0, I also have Atlanta, it’s broken at 5.3 plain and simple, it has the firepower equivalent of MORE THAN 2 Moffett’s…

Oh and let’s not forget it’s WAY more tanky…

Yet it’s .3 br higher? Get outta here with your invalid argument


Wall of text warning
According to the Wiki, comparing it to Agano and Leipzig, the Atlanta has:

Better armor (Citadel side with 95mm, Agano with 60mm and Leipzig with 50mm).

Slight lower top speed than the Agano forward (5 km/h difference) but faster reverse, and 1 km/h faster than the Leipzig forward.

Better/equal guns and ammo, with the Common Mk.32 having a lot more pen than the Type 4 from the Agano (124mm compared to 81mm at 1000 m) though it has lower explosive filler (1.15kg vs 2.90kg). The only truly better would be Leipzig’s Pzgr. L/3.7 (m.Hb) APCBC shell with 289mm at 1000 m and 1.1kg.

16 main guns, compared to 6 of the Agano and 9 of the Leipzig, with the guns of the Atlanta having 22 RPM, the Agano having 6.2 RPM and Leipzig having around 8.5 RPM

And lastly much better air defense, with VT shells and a bunch of 28mm , while the Agano has the Japanese 25mm (which from my experience with the Isuzu are not that great at any range) and the Leipzig with German 37mm and 20mm, which are good but really only effective at close range.

Elaborating on the ammo stats, the Atlanta would still be able to pen something like the 5.7 CA Furutaka’s citadel (76mm) at 5000 m (Mk.32 having 77mm pen at those distances), while the Agano wouldn’t be able to pen the 5.3 CA Pensacola at further than 2000 m (76mm Citadel armor vs 68mm pen drop at 2500 m).
Still in a disadvantage against CA’s? yes, but not “can barely do anything to or the outright superior light cruisers of the US line up”, those with the Mk.32, Atlanta has access to higher pen Mk.46 (150mm at 1000 m)

I do find funny that a 5.3 Light Cruiser has better Citadel armor than the Northhampton, Portland and Pensacola Heavy Cruisers, with said lightly cruiser also being probably capable of penetrating (at 2500 m) the citadel of the 6.0 Heavy cruisers Tone and Suzuya.

Now, most of these stats are probably useless, as I’m pretty sure most people using these ships go for ammoracks, which I believe are not within the Citadel armor, but still.

Would say it’s a bit more than average, bu stats it should be the best at dealing against other destroyers (lots of rapid fire guns + non over-pen AP), and better than the Agano (IMO) against other Cruisers, only the Leipzig has guns with an actual advantage in firepower (IMO still only better at dealing against other cruisers, both would be useless against battleships, and the long reload with higher possibility of over-pen makes it worse against destroyers).
(not going to mention other 5.3’s as USSR has the krasny krym which is ugly, France doesn’t even have one and I’ve never seen Italy or Britain CLs).


Quite a few light cruisers have better armour than heavy cruisers British Town-Class cruisers for example actually have the best armour of any Cruiser in the British Line, including heavies. heavy is more typically a designation of gun size and less so armour.

But I do agree entirely with the rest of your analysis. Great work. Atlanta is usually a high priority threat for me in almost anything, and that is before the recent naval changes that have only made her stronger

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And that’s why you need to actually use the ships. The Leipzig is in general more durable than the Atlanta is, and carries more long-range firepower/threat than the Atlanta who is mostly a fireworks show past 11,000yards.

Which you’d know if you used it.

Then the rest of your run downs aren’t comparing Penetration against same ships, that’s not going to get you anywhere. Saying Atlanta can penetrate random IJN Cruiser at range X while then going “Well Agano can only penetrate the Penascola at range Y”, naval isn’t nation locked therefore like to like is more important.

Then you also completely ignored MOST of the light cruisers at that BR because you wanted what you thought was the low-hanging fruit of the bunch.

Finally, You forgot something about most IJN Ships. They carry the Long-Lance Tax, which you completely ignored the fact that the Agano has 16 torpedoes that can OHK literally anything in the game, how odd.

Then you completely failed to note that BR movement isn’t going to fix the problem, or anything like looking at standard armor of heavy cruisers, or battle ranges at those BRs.

WIthin 5,000yards yes, the Altanta is a threat. What do you think is going to happen when the range is 12,000yards? Which is the common engage range at BR 5.7+.

The point here is look at the whole field, not trying to cherry pick the lowest of hanging fruits (like the Agano shouldn’t be BR 5.3 for example).

Then finally if you not looking at the full picture needed more to clarify. You only focus on penetration opposed to Muzzle Velocity, which at the BR range of 5.3 is more important, due to the aforementioned more normal combat ranges of Ships at your suggested BR.

And most Cruisers can delete Destroyers, your claiming that is good within 5km doesn’t really matter when the rest of the field is more than capable of deleting the Atlanta down before then on majority of the maps.

The correct point you should have made is this. The Atlanta is likely the best Close-in brawler of anything under 6.0, which I’d say is likely pretty accurate, but it comes at a cost. It has questionable mid-range ability to effective and it’s long-range ability due to average muzzle velocity doesn’t exist against a mobile target.

But Wait there’s more, it has a low crew cost it’s armor is quite poor (literally reading off of the article where you are pulling from) which has been my experience with it. It also has bad turret protection (most light cruisers do) but it has a ton of them, and the ammo is stored IN the turret. Add in the USN standard AA suite and you can mow down an Atlanta pretty easily. TLDR: Glass Jaw, likely one of the most fragile ships at BR.

Then look at the Dido, Leipiz and Agano like you should have. All of them are better at 9km+ ranges which is cruiser stand off range, Agano has god-tier torpedoes(The Atlanta lacks a warhead big enough to really threaten anything with torpedo defense) , the Dido has a similar Gun count though slower range of fire with a much better velocity, penetration and bursting charge meaning that it is more than capable of hammering the Atlanta at any ranges including easily within 5km it really comes down to who shoots who first in the several dozen encounters I’ve had with both ships. The Dido also has good torpedoes (effectively bigger, longer ranged with more bang t hat is >250kg but not Long Lance). Finally, has the standard British Cruiser issue of getting it’s bridge knocked out when a seagull passes by.

Leipiz is a stand-off Queen which a high velocity and good penetration round, they have torpedo defense (which no one else does). They also have over 100mm+ protection along it’s belt due to the fact that it has 2 Belt layers that you should have noticed. Downsides? weak turrets just like the rest of the cruisers in question, and the turret layout isn’t great. Also, Can penetrate the Atlantas belt out past 10km with it’s AP round.

The Atlanta also has one of the lowest cruiser crews at BR, only the Dido has less and it’s tied with the Arethusa class oddly enough, of the list everyone is 700+. Which matters when you bleed crew like it’s going out of style when hit which the atlanta does.

If you want to see what’s really just outright better between two ships at the same BR however.

Look at the Leander and the Arethusa, that is a far better showcase of one ship being outright superior than another than anything else at this BR. Also I didn’t add the other nation CLs at this point because it’s late annnd they are amusing in their own right.

PS: The Dido is literally the closest ship in game to the Atlanta and you are trying to hard skip it.