Move Alpha Jets to 8.3 on air RB mode

TL DR The Alpha Jets are borderline 7.0 material and even with the air rb/ground rb battle rating you have stuff like the a4e with much better performance, much better guns, much better armament, much better flare distribution and much better bombload at the same br of 8.7. Not only that but the a-4e absolutely treads on the Alpha Jet as far as flight performance goes. The Mystere 4A walks over this thing all day and it’s also categorized as an attacker. The Saab 105 is also better in every single regard.

The Alpha Jet is just dogwater and makes me mald so hard; how something that feels pretty much like a me262 A1A-U1 that is unable to go faster than 600ias in any of the jet maps that aren’t Vietnam or the desert.

The Alpha Jets have a 27mm tickle plinker that does absolutely NOTHING to the targets or if it’s french it has a 30mm gun that hits a bit harder in exchange of not having flares, it’s TWR is ridiculously low, it’s instructor completely handicaps the plane as for rudder and pull. This thing can’t go flat, this thing can’t go vertical, this thing can’t go horizontal and when you get a gun solution it just makes a bunch of sparks.

This plane is unfun as the full meaning of the word. Thing is unable to have a balance between energy retention/energy generation and maneuverability: You either have to keep flying straight to keep your thrust and do nothing and die, or turn around, become a sitting duck unable to go further from 600ias after leveling out, and die. or you spend all the time playing defensive and being treaded on by 8.0 attackers that absolutely rinse your mouth with bleach.

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i can see your point… but this plane is t a BR where things can be blown over from 7-9BR and not really make much of a difference hence gaijin doesnt really adjust them after the initial introduction unless theres a big outcry

and yet these things still walk over the Alpha jet.


no i was pretty much in agreement with you religiosa

i thought “blown over” meant “too bad for the BR”

no i meant can be thrown over. apologies

For gods sake mantis its a fine plane at 8.7.
Gun is fine, use the PELE-T shell belt for free 1 taps in scissors with an enemy.
It rates well with good energy retention and the countermeasures let you 1-2 flare any IR missile you can see.

And now for some reason you went from claiming Mig-17/Alpha Jet were 8.0 and now claim it’s 7.0.
A-4E performs worse than Mig-17 and Alpha jet, this is common knowledge.
Saab-105 turns worse, is slower, accelerates slower, and bleeds more energy.

A-4E is faster, has more engine power, actual armament and is overall more maneuverable.

The Saab does not accelerate worse, it literally outpaces the alpha jet til 1000 ias. Alpha jet can’t stay above 600kmh if it is constantly changing it’s direction. You either stay at 1000 and die, or stay at 600 while evading six enemies at once just to die later.

While they’re marginally same speed below 100m of altitude the alpha jet brick walls at 900 ias where it starts to feel draggy and takes time to accelerate while the a4 keeps accelerating progressively at all speeds.

Go read its statcard. Doesn’t it say “Strike aircraft”? It’s not supposed to be a fighter.

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here we go with the “iTs An AtTacKer”

the Su25 is an attacker and it is a quite good dogfighter

the su-17 is an attacker and has an excellent turn rate

the Etendards are attackers and they’re pretty good as anti air, especially considering the Super Etendard has enough thrust to go supersonic at sea level and has two magic 1s and a gorillion amount of flares

the A10’s only caveat is being slow, it’s an insanely good dogfighter

the majority of American prop attackers are just fighters with airspawns

the jh-7a is able to go toe to toe with the f16 block 15

the AMX is a very good dogfighter

the t-2 is literally a Jaguar sidekick with improvements and it’s insane. It’s design clones that of an attacker and after having flown both the T2 feels like a Jaguar on two MiG19 engines.

The AJ37s are copycats of JA37s with ground strike capabilities. While they’re lackluster for air RB it is due to their lack of armament, not poor flight performance.

The israeli A4H/N/Ayit are insane. And they’re all attackers.

Alpha jet is just a bad plane and… for an attacker it has quite an underwhelming payload. You know why? Because it’s not really an attacker, but a trainer for CAS pilots. It’s on the same boat as the sk60b, but the sk60b is maneuverable while alpha jet just cringerolls and sheds its speed or pulls 8g’s at 1000 ias to suddenly pull like 15 g’s three seconds after. God save you from making any other input alongside holding S because you will split in half faster than a tree struck by lightning. This is like we say: Germany will get the C101 Mirlo (also known as chicken butt) because it’s Spanish Royal Airforce’s main trainer jet… and we had it at 8.7 too because it’s a formidable flyer but has a 7.7mm plinker whose only function is to signal where you shot after the strafing practice runs.

No, alpha jet got most overpowered gun in the game with overpowered PELE-T.
It can even engage SPAA in head on and win

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alpha jet has only SAPHEI and APHE. Not the gripen’s PELE-T round. And i’m talking about air to air combat, no air to ground.

So the ground attack aircraft, built to attack ground targets, which is fine but not great against planes in game need a lower BR because you cant be bothered to learn how to use the gun?

Still much better than 2 American shotguns.

In general, battle ratings of 8.0 -10.3 are the place where the developer dumps all the vehicles that he could not balance.
For example, there are only 3 years between the FW-190A-1 and the FW-190A-8, the difference in combat rating is 2.0, although the difference in performance is not that big. Even too big BR decompression.

There is a difference of a couple of decades between the F-86F and the F-4C, but their battle rating differs by only 0.7. BR are too compressed.

A-4E is slower.
The fact you keep claiming that Mig-17 and Alpha Jet are worse is hilarious.

40 meters per second climb.
10.4 deg per second at 820kph. A-4E bleeds speed 60% faster than Alpha Jet at 820kph.
0 - 1000: 100 seconds.



Alpha Jet:
48 meters per second climb.
16.7 deg per second at 820kph. Retaining energy 60% better than A-4E.
Mach 0.88 top speed.
0 - 1000kph: 83 seconds.



40 meters per second climb.
15.5 deg per second at 820kph. It retains energy 50% better than A-4E.
Mach 0.93 top speed.
0 - 1000: 103 seconds at sea level.

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when did I say that MiG17 was worse? I said that it’s too good against the alpha jet while at the same BR.

A-4E is slower.

Literally as fast while having a better acceleration across the board.

You’re literally pulling the same “i’m going to ignore your evidence” card like when you were stubbornly talking about how sea fury had a very good climb rate, despite I shown you that nearly every 5.7 fighter vastly outclimbs and outaccelerates it.

How do you manage to go below 1000 ias at 100m of altitude while i posted me going at 1077 at even lower altitude???

Oh wait, you said that the Sea Vixen and the MiG15 bis flew the same; I made a video for you comparing both of them and you blatantly ignored it. I was going to make you another video comparing alpha jet and a4e but since you give not a single one i don’t want to waste my time.

Mantis when he gets out gaslit

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I just provided evidence showing that A-4E takes longer to get to 1000kph. 17 seconds longer specifically.
Also, I was the one that provided evidence both here and with Sea Fury, cause you refused to actually do correct testing.
I tested turn rate with elevator trim.
I tested acceleration with OBS recording.

Telling people their info is wrong is not gaslighting.

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In honestly just trying to annoy him because it is mildly funny