Move Alpha Jets to 8.3 on air RB mode

have you tried like… unmounting the RATO’s? These cause drag. You still manage somehow to make aircraft perform worse than I do in my hands. MiG17 same climb rate as the A4E? what the hell, honestly. How on EARTH do you still care to counter my evidence making your planes perform worse on purpose? How do you also manage to make a sea vixen fly as slow as a mig15 bis? I made the test with four missiles and the mig15 bis with the unguided rockets.

The RATOs were removed for the turn rate test since that wasn’t acceleration test on engine power alone.
I just couldn’t remove them for the acceleration test as that’d cause acceleration.
And I was recording 3 vehicles in a short timeframe.

I love seeing mantis’s cope threads, it is so fun to watch everything unfold with some popcorn.