Most RP/SL earned without boosters? RP gain capped?

I’ve noticed that there’s a general cap to the amount of RP that you can get in a single ground RB game.
No matter what, you can’t get over ~25k.

I believe that 25k is the absolute limit on the amount of RP that you can get, regardless of boosters.
I also remember getting 20k RP in my premium T-69IIG, then activating a 300% RP booster, having a BETTER match than the one before, and still only getting 20k RP instead of, well, more than 20k.

Has anyone ever gotten over 25k RP in a GROUND RB match? Is it possible?

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nope same results for me…

I have gotten more, but I did have a 150% booster on.
35,559 RP for the ZTZ99A

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So it is possible…
Thanks, maybe the RP cap has been removed.

I wouldn’t claim that. There is still a soft cap / diminishing rewards, while not obvious its still there and past 5-6 kills rewards usually plumet quickly, the same goes for the length of games. The longer the matches the higher the rewards. My case is a best case, max length game, down to 200 tickets on each time and 21 kills with a prem account, talismans and a booster.

The cap is not a cap but a natural result of the way RP are computed. You basically have two resources you can tap and mix into RP. And both have a limit:
Your activity can not exceed 100% and your time in match can’t exceed the maximum match duration. Time and activity will decide your match bonus. As kills and caps fabricate relatively small amounts of extra RP, you are basically limited by time and activity.

If you play for free, the skill bonus will push that cap up.

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