Most profitable premium tanks/planes?

As a new player, the biggest struggle for me is to get enough SLs to afford new vehicles/upgrades and train crews.

Due to this, I’m shopping for at least one premium purely for the sake of earning SLs, with RPs being a secondary but welcome bonus. I’m looking at both planes and tanks, but leaning more on planes, with Tier 5/6 being the maximum. All nations qualify.

In terms of budget I’m good with max 40€ packs from the store, or any amount of GE in the techtrees.

Please help. Thanks.

Don’t think you will earn SL and XP with a rank V / VI premium vehicle with 266 battles.

Take maybe a rank II / III. Not more!!! You dont know the game, buy a highter premium is a TOTAL BAD idea: you just will be a target for more experienced players.

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No need to get in a mad rush to the end game. Take your time and learn the maps and playstyles of different vehicles. Spading your unlocked vehicles will also speed up your RP progression, and let you save more SL while doing so.


After the recent economy rework I suggest you take it easy, the game has lots of mechanics that are the best to try and learn at lower tiers, plus you should earn a decent amount of silver by just playing with your noodle on ( using your brain, a thing people don’t use and then rage about lol).
If you really, REALLY need a premium vic, go for aircraft up till rank 3, max 4. There will still be a lot to ingest, but for starters get something you like, the grind gets much faster if you also have fun. :)

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Whatever you enjoy. The most profitable vehicle in the game means nothing if you hate playing it and thus never want to play it. Trust me, its a lot more effecient to gather SLs when you are enjoying the game, you dont even notice what you are gaining. That being said, I find NRB reasonably effecient, so maybe a premium cruiser, but only if you enjoy naval.

German premium wellington for easy mode, about $6 apiece and if you can climb high enough or go to the base fast enough you can make some good SL.

In any case, you are a newbie on the game, i suggest you go to the academy for find tutoes who can help you for learn the game:

Take your time at low BR for knowing maps and games mecanics before up and have others mecanics.

Panzer IV premium. It’s not a very good tank, turret traverse speed will kill you, but SL bonus is insane, and it’s also rank 3 at lower BR, so it’s also good for research and daily tasks.

Honestly if you want a great premium it is in the American tank line the T14. It’s a great money printer and experience grinder for you. If you really want something a little higher go with the T29 its also a forgiving tank with a great gun.


Currently the best way to play and have fun in this game with a tank is to get 1 or 2 top premiums - German leo or USA kvt are very good, and play. You get killed - just drop the match and join another. That way you get fun and avoid all the problems with the CAS players (airplanes & helis) who just want to farm you. Just my opinion as a new player who started middle of may this year.

First off, I’d tell you to wait for discounts, everything is overpriced IMO
Then pick some high tier MBT and just die and retry…
I did USA with a XM-1back then like that… Or Japan with the Type 75 MLRS…
(If you like Arcade, the Type 75 MLRS is god-tier IMO)

M4A5 Ram II
P-47M, AV-8A, or F-5C

KW IC 756
Ju 288C

T-34 57 1943
Dolgushin’s LA-7 (controversial, but an absolute beast imo)

Definitively NO!!!

Not for a beginners.

P-47 are good premium planes IMHO
I bought german p-47 tier 3, other trees also have premium p-47 variant if you play different countries
P-51 next good choice but is tier 4

Stop giving him the wrong ideas. It is not because you’re a … 1DL who pollutes battles doesn’t mean he has to follow your deviant path…

You must go learn the game in TIV and the academy on the forum before play with you top tiers vehicles.

NO, NO, NO. Learn the game in low rank and up progrssively. It is with THAT way you can appreciate the end game.

Premium time would be a better investment than premium vehicles, if you don’t have it already.

Only if he play very regulary on the game. If he have un-regular play time, a premium vehicle are better.

I bought them well before I was anywhere near top tier. I did fine in them after a couple of matches of figuring their play-styles out. They’re very noob friendly and basically allowed me to research all of the US air tech tree in a couple of weeks.

Been playing since 2013 and never had any top tiers before I caved in, bought a premium and went 1DL…

And a AV-8B could be a nice starter in Air AB… But requires more 1DL

He have 266 battles on his account … Dont send him to hight tiers … he just be a target and not learn and appreciate the game.

But you have more experience than him when you buy your hight tiers premium … You are on the game since 2015. The Xm1 are added in 2018