Most Hated .The Roadmap of Doom

So, Gaijin took steps to destroy its own game. Well, that is my opinion, but they say it’s all your fault. So, were you one of those players who demanded all this change in the maps? Do you like the new changes? Did you ask for it and when? Why after 12 years was it all done and who for?

What did these map changes mean to you and for you when playing the game? Despite my opinion of the new maps if you like them say so and why.

  • Locations “Poland” and “Eastern Europe”: changing the landscape outside the towns in order to get rid of large forests and hills, introduction of fields with small interspersed forest/hills instead. This will get rid of the massive problems of standing in forests where no one is visible, and will lead to more active gameplay. Summer updates 2023.
  • Changes to the landscape/design of locations in “El Alamein”, “Aral Sea”, “American Desert”, “Japan”, “Sinai”, “Normandy” based on player feedback: removing places from which one can control most of the map and encouraging fights at closer range. Summer updates 2023.
  • Changing the landscape/design of locations “Alaska”, “Seversk”, “Vietnam”, “Maginot Line”, “38th parallel”, “Stalingrad”, “Karelia” based on player feedback. Planned to remove the places from which one can control most of the map. Summer updates 2023.
  • Massive revision of asset collision in ground vehicle locations in order to get rid of inconsistencies of visual and physical models. Summer updates 2023.
  • Improvement of “Jungles” by reducing the number of positions camouflaged by vegetation, which will improve visibility and reduce the number of shots from ambushes. Next Major Update.

The problem of having a vocal minority. They spam their complaints about getting flanked and what not then gaijin “fixes” it.

I feel like the trend for younger players is quick, action packed gameplay so gaijin will tend towards that too.

Kind of sad that this is the trend they decided to stick with. I actually enjoy the battle royale game mode that they had for a little bit. It was actually slower paced than the regular matches.


insert rant here 👇

Gameplay as in movies > Gameplay as in reality

This is pretty much the only good one

Aral sea was changed?

And it still feels like absolute slog to play?


Anyway hot take, i like new poland and eastern europe, as it opens more paths for flanking.

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