Most capable nation for ground?

As the game constantly changes and there is a significant grind to all nations’ trees, well, most of them. I was wondering which nation is the strongest in ground Arcade out of the following, Sweden, Germany, Russia, America, Italy, or the UK? I know that is a lot.

I have the Germans up to 10.3, the Americans at 7.7, the Swedes and Italians are in the 5-6 BR while the UK is in the 6-7 BR along with the Russians. I don’t like the Chinese much or the French…the Japanese do catch my eye but I’m only BR 1 with them, lol.

I like variety as in MBT, an IFV, and a wheeled vehicle. I have that with the Germans at 9.7 BR and 10.0-10.3. I also like speed…I can’t stand the American 7.7 line up with the slow and ponderous M103 and T32. I dread unlocking the IS3 with its one shot every three days, but do love its greater survivability.

Anyway, if anyone can provide some experience or guidance on those nations it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, I am starting the Israeli tree now too. It’s not that developed but that makes the grind faster!

Thanks again!

The most capable ground trees in the game are Germany and France. Germany is consistently great and while France has a super rough rank 1, it becomes very fun and very good after rank 1. It is my pick for my favorite ground tree in the game. Israel’s is super rough though. Very unfun to play outside of certain lineups and the vehicles in the 6.3-7.3 range lack effective CAS options.

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Russia. There is a good variety of MBT, IFV, TDs, and other wierd vehicles all the way to rank 7.

I more or less skipped the IS3/4/10 tanks though the IS4 is kinfa fun but not my style. Instead just side step them with T54s and and BMPs. Even the late casement TDs can be fun.

After I unlocked everything in Russia I moved to Sweden mainly because of CV90’s love them in real life, so went for them in game and lvoed them as well. The grind kind of sucked but once you got there it was pretty fun. Rank 7 is their bread and butter imho.

France is vey dominate until 8.0 and then they die, literally become some of the worst tanks after that and generally people play 7.7 which is probably the strongest lineup in the game.

US is awesome,e xcept for the teams you are on.

Thank you both…I am struggling with Sweden now as I have to use the Comet and some other nation’s vehicles. I have done really well with Russian vehicles in earlier ranks, much better than with any other nation.

I appreciate the input and it gives me something to think about now.

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Russia can be quite fun, but they become rather stagnant around BR 7.0 and up.
Personally considering switching my main nation to another nation, as I am now BR 8.7 ground rb and each map is getting rather dull.

Sweden has very nice line ups at alot of brs

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In AB Russia has some really good 2.7, 4.0, 4.3, and 5.7 line-ups. After 5.7 most of the tanks you get are pretty mediocre until you make it to 10.0 and beyond.

Big 3 and Sweden.