More WWII premium for Sweden tech tree pls?#1

Sweden tech tree in game is lack of reliable armor during WWII tech tree, the thickest one for sweden are comet and T-34/85, could we pls have something more?

So far choice for sweden around 5.7 --6.7 are king tiger(P) and panther

Sources that Sweden acquired a king tiger:

For panther, it should be under German flag, due to the famous 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking
Source : 5.SS-Panzer-Division "Wiking" (History, Battles, Org, Service) - Feldgrau

Beside, Sweden is really lack of WWII premium ground vehicle

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You want the Tiger, the Panther, play with the Germans!


I just want to play sweden more enjoyable, and I already played german. I just want to have more fun in sweden WWII.

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It doesn’t make sense, don’t play Sweden if you’re bad, and stop offering to copy the tree to another country.

Why this bothering you, it doesn’t matter to gameplay anyway, due to Sweden is always playing with German, beside Sweden 6.7 line up is obviously lack of vehicle. With these two premiums, Sweden player could hold up the battle front line.

And if copy vehicle is not supported, China should not have WWII line, it should directly begin at 6.7(ztq62 could spawn 3 times) and directly start to research 8.0, Israel should delete everything before first merkava except only 2 M51 left. What’s more, Italy, French, Sweden, should have very disgusting WWII game experience

Did you miss the part about how they only used the King Kitty as a range target?
The Wiking was a GERMAN SS Panzer division, not Swedish. Not even Finnish. German.
Sweden sat out WWII. Both its armor and aircraft were… “underdeveloped” during the war and the tech tree accurately reflects this.
Just be happy with your Ikea Sherman (which as also just a trials and museum piece).


That’s why I’m proposing king tiger

The main reason is Swedish tech tree really lack vehicle

Comet was Finnish which is a subtree thankfully gaijin added them to help the Swedish tech tree which desperately needed it

Oh yes, it’s “copying” How about not letting another nation capture it or be given it in the first place?


It is just as dumb as saying the US shouldn’t have a Tiger II premium in-game cause they never had one and should never do so.
Oh, wait…

The same tank is in existence.
So shush unless you can prove that this isn’t real and all of these are fake which you cannot and I know you can’t.

I would recommend making a proper suggestion for the Swedish Tiger II. With photographic and some other wordly documentation of it being real.

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I think it is ok too, I’m also looking forward to these tank as premium stuff in game, I just hope the label should be clear for simulation battle

Anyway, I just emphasize that the main reason is Swedish tech tree have quite poor line up especially around 5.7

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Sweden “WW2” BRs use equipment from 50-60 (talking about domestically produced tanks, not copy paste)

I like that trees are kind of unique, and I wouldn’t want them to become more similar than they already are.

If you want to have fun with German WW2 vehicles, play Germany.

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Ah yes, make the tech tree that gets called the better german tree already even more german, that is the worst option you can have to add to sweden

Let’s see STRV M/31->1935->1940
STRV M/38->35->1941
Strv m/40L->1942->1944

If we go to the Pvkv m/43 that is a 1942-era design that had one prototype but due to delay’s only was available in the 60’s. Meaning it is a WW2-era design with the gun being the only change.

The Infanterikanonvagn 72(IKV-72) uses a cannon from 1934.

The PVKV is just a WW2-era design with a 1950-era gun hell the gun might not even be from the 1950’s and is just a WW2-era gun variant.
The STRV M/42 DT uses a Swedish-made 7.5 cm Flak. L/60 and mind you that gun was from the 1930’s. This means that not one of those vehicles was a 1950-> 1970-era vehicle there were simply WW2-era tanks built anywhere between 1949->the 1970s. If you did any actual research you would learn this fairly quickly. A prime example I always bring up is the PBV-301. It’s essentially a Swedish-made CKD 38T built and produced in 1941.

This means the hull is from before WW2 even started, the gun is a Bofor 20mm L/70 a 1935-era design therefore its 1930’s equipment modified into an APC in the 1960’s.

I’m stating that everything but the gun is from the period it was first produced. The only thing that was changed was the gun.

A T-80BVM is still a 1976 hull and turret only things that changed were the additional ERA, NERA as well and other exterior changes although if we want to be more technical it is just a 1966-era T-64 tank that’s been up-armored and a new variant of the 125mm. Nevertheless, this is off-topic. I only mentioned it to pop your bubble which you want to continue attempting.

Yes, and i am saying the thing that makes it not 1930 vehicle is the fact it wasnt assembled all together at that time. Sure the hull and gun existed yet they didnt do it all together until later the war.
Also T-80s use completely different transmission, suspension, engine.
I never said all of their parts were up to date or anything.

If you read I stated which you did not. I shall quote myself once more “although if we want to be more technical”. It also doesn’t matter when the vehicle was assembled just that it is a Pre-WW2 era design being used until the mid or to late 70’s. Therefore Pre-WW2 or WW2 era technology. It’s like comparing a 1990s M1A2 Abrams to an M1A2 from 2023.

It’s the same tank but the technology, and tracks are often different. However, for Sweden, the cannon is the only change, and the tracks are more rubber. I will not rephrase what I stated for a 3rd time.