More Reward for finishing top on the losing team

After 13 losses straight I’m getting a bit fed up as 90% of the time I finish in the top 3 on a pretty crappy team. I think WT should give the best 1 or 2 players on a losing team a bonus as they usually carried them and at least tried. Maybe a cash bonus as ‘King of the Losers’ or at least a roulette spin on the Battle Trophy thing so you can win a 5% discount off something you will never use…

Just feeling a bit ‘meh’. Keep doing my best but half my team are potatoes.

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Unfortunately, giving more & more to “losing” players keeps making it more & more like a Participation award . . . you know the trophy/ribbon just for showing up. And this in turn desensitizes the actual need to win the match. We are plagued with “quitters” as it is, and the reasons may vary widely, I am sure they do. But, adding more and more to individual performance in a “team based” game will ultimately just make things worse. I mean every player is rewarded for their “actions” as is, this is as it should be, and where you “place” on the leaderboard should also affect your score/rewards in a positive manner. Problem being, Gaijin has this odd way of “balancing” things to keep some sort of “fix” on the economy. Like when they let us vote on increasing the loser’s reward . . . majority chose to do so, and I would have been all for it, but Gaijin insisted on taking the additional payout from the winner’s share and that’s just simply wrong. There’s no reason to take from the winner’s accomplishments when all they had to do was pay the losers a little bit more. At any rate, one of the things that also stymies the economy and could benefit those that you describe, and would actually be more fair would be to increase the in game rewards/awards payouts as you go up the trees/BR ranges to play. I mean the costs of everything goes up quite a bit, but the reward payouts stay the same. Example: Hero of the Sky pays 7,500 SL’s for pretty much every tier/BR . . . it should increase as you go up . . like 1 payout for tiers I & I, increasing for III & IV, then again for V & VI and so on. Help cover the cost increases while also benefiting those that finish well . . . having a stellar game only to get gimped by a losing team does kinda suck, but it is also . . . part of the deal. Increasing some of these “Earned” in game rewards can lessen that pain, but in the end, you want your teams to play to win harder?? . . . you increase the winner’s payout, not the other way around. While I do understand and emphasize with you point of view, I just don’t feel like it’s the best way to go about addressing the issue. Economic changes in many areas seem like a better motivation as far as I can tell . … but, we may never know either way without changes.

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i wish people would read more often