More options to Custom battles hosting. [bots] [Disucussion]

I’d love to see new and more custom mission settings
•An option to set custom number of victory tickets (to make the battle much longer) because sometimes heavy vehicles takes forever to reach into battlefield by the time it reaches there it ends .

•allow for bots to use certain type of vehicles (for movie and cinematic trailer purpose)

what else do you think?

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Almost should use ‘AI units’ to clarify this.

And yes, more settings on that mission setup screen would help out. Even if you could make the ticket drain a fraction based option for various reasons (kills / actual drain / whatever else (mission objective completion) ). 1 3/4 1/2 1/4 0 styles.

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Tbh, I would be happy already, if in the test drive setting, you could add more forces by type and set them to passive, mildly aggressive… It would be very helpful if you could practice somewhere.