More kill stealing after skill bouns and suggestion

My bad.

ive never understood this argument… there is basically NO kill stealing in the game… in Any mode. Especially for tanks… There is NO way of knowing how bad an enemy is damaged, or Where they are damaged (a little wiggle room for if their barrel is out or what not… but still… how do i/anyone know if they arent 2 seconds away from being done with a repair and can then shoot)

So again… Kill stealing in this game is more or less NON existent… unless you are on voice comms with someone, and even then it is dicey.

So, complaining about it… is… extremely dumb and usually ungrateful (they could have just as likely, or even more than likely Saved your life, by “kill stealing” which again… isnt really a thing, in this game)


Finish them off or don’t and “risk” someone else getting the kill


There is kill stealing in the air modes, but I think, the new reward system should offer a good solution.

May just be that more planes go after planes now in general. If you haven’t noticed, map resources got reduced at the same time, so people feed on other stuff. May have nothing to do with the bonus but the bases.

They implemented new mechanics to make kill stealing harder. They added a new definition to damage that effectively guarantees the kill to the person who did it. Anything after won’t steal the kill. Don’t remember the details but there was a de. Log about it I’m pretty sure

And it is a change given to ground, which air simply got as a bonus.
So imagine you complain about getting a double bonus

There are some sad jealous people out there. Yesturday i followed the enemy down to our forward airfield. We had a guy taking off who started firing on my target. I get the kill and then get team killed for saving team members on af.

What we have at the moment is alot of idiots that not normaly play war thunder because of the sales, its not because of the bonus system

If you want to know them better, read the sales thread, where these people vent their anger that they don’t get what they want…

Should of sold him a box of crayons 😆

Smashed a B-17:

All 4 engines wrecked, 2 on fire.
Rudder gone.
Both elevators gone, plus 1 tail plane.
One wing root black.

Nosing into ground with no pitch control, so of course the Pyro top right has to come in and ‘help me’ with it.

And unbelievably I got the assist.

It’s every pilot for themselves now.

Yes, waste a ton of extra ammo which isn’t needed at all when there are 15 more enemies to shoot down. You don’t even play ARB at all but mostly tank AB

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There is NO way of knowing how bad an enemy is damaged

This is about air mode, and you can tell they’re about to die because they’re on fire and currently getting shot at by a teammate of yours on their 6…

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There is kill stealing in the air modes, but I think, the new reward system should offer a good solution.

? The new reward system literally only adds MORE direct incentive to kill steal, and removes no incentive. In the old system, when you do what will now count as “severe damage”, you just got the whole kill, 100% yours, nothing TO steal.

Now, when you get “severe damage”, there will be a portion of the goodies available for kill stealers to steal, even if it’s 25%.

So we will be going from 0 incentive in the situations relevant to the new system, to 25% (or whatever) incentive to kill steal = more kill stealing, obviously.

No, it does nothing of the sort (why did nobody actually read the details on that blog post about this?). It took a situation where you previously instantly got the kill, and then it announced changing it to a situation where yes you still get kill credit, but can now have some % of the reward stolen from you, unlike before.

The new changes announced were 100% in the favor of kill stealers, not the other way around. They didn’t even CLAIM it reduced kill stealing, they even admitted it would increase it in that blog post… the reason for it was to accommodate sweatlords who want to try and limp back to base without a tail, not to reduce kill stealing.

And yet, after dealing the severe damage, you now get the reward for the kill, even if another player finishes it.

You ALREADY got that too, since it was an instant kill previously.

The only change is that now there is an incentive to swoop in and steal a portion of your rewards. You get nothing new or any more guaranteed than you did before (unless you’re a kill stealer, of course). You can only potentially lose more things to thieves as a result of the changes.

even then dude… they can put fires out.

Which is a perfectly reasonable response if not for the “…and they have a teammate on their 6 shooting at them currently” part. If they’re by themselves with nobody on them, and on fire, then sure.