More kill stealing after skill bouns and suggestion

There is kill stealing in the air modes, but I think, the new reward system should offer a good solution.

? The new reward system literally only adds MORE direct incentive to kill steal, and removes no incentive. In the old system, when you do what will now count as “severe damage”, you just got the whole kill, 100% yours, nothing TO steal.

Now, when you get “severe damage”, there will be a portion of the goodies available for kill stealers to steal, even if it’s 25%.

So we will be going from 0 incentive in the situations relevant to the new system, to 25% (or whatever) incentive to kill steal = more kill stealing, obviously.

No, it does nothing of the sort (why did nobody actually read the details on that blog post about this?). It took a situation where you previously instantly got the kill, and then it announced changing it to a situation where yes you still get kill credit, but can now have some % of the reward stolen from you, unlike before.

The new changes announced were 100% in the favor of kill stealers, not the other way around. They didn’t even CLAIM it reduced kill stealing, they even admitted it would increase it in that blog post… the reason for it was to accommodate sweatlords who want to try and limp back to base without a tail, not to reduce kill stealing.

And yet, after dealing the severe damage, you now get the reward for the kill, even if another player finishes it.

You ALREADY got that too, since it was an instant kill previously.

The only change is that now there is an incentive to swoop in and steal a portion of your rewards. You get nothing new or any more guaranteed than you did before (unless you’re a kill stealer, of course). You can only potentially lose more things to thieves as a result of the changes.

even then dude… they can put fires out.

Which is a perfectly reasonable response if not for the “…and they have a teammate on their 6 shooting at them currently” part. If they’re by themselves with nobody on them, and on fire, then sure.

I agree there. There is no kill stealing period. If it doesn’t say X killed O than it’s not over. I used to think like you than you see one guy who got crit hit recovered killed 3 more guys before biting the dust. Now this whole O is dead but flies around in air or heli killing 5 more guys after the fact is indeed retarded.

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yup… you just Cannot tell. Its a Bit more obvious for air, but not much… but for tanks you literally have no way of knowing. (basically all you can do is if they look disabled and their barrel is out, you can wait for the guy who shot them to shoot again, but if he misses or doesnt kill them, then i kill them, but those moments are pretty rare, you just… have to shoot any enemy you see)

Let them steal - those kill stealers are just poor souls driven by greed or lack of self confidence as they think that the total amount of kills has anything to do with quality or skill.

You can’t change their mindsets with timers or something like that.

Imho you should delete fires out of your thoughts, some planes have no problems to put fires out, even A6Ms can survive multiple fires if their pilots know the trick (burning wing up). Even if you have engine fires it depends on the plane and the pilot skill and ofc the distance to the airfield if a guy can land and repair or not.

Yes it is annoying to be rewarded with just an assist if you damage and crit an enemy at 6 km alt trying to escape with a dive (and you can assess based on several thousand matches if he will make it back to base or not) and you decide to maintain your alt in order to fight the other 15 enemies - and such a poor soul dives 4 km and kills burning/flatspinning or simply extremely critted planes without any effort.

But the game is designed to enforce competition - limiting the bonus to “the ultimate goal” (their words) kills and not considering assists is evidence enough.

The only way to stop kill stealing is to set up a system that can distinguish crits correct (killing the co-pilot or a gunner of a B-17 counts as crit too) and to add massive damage that will lead to a crash (now almost everything counts as assist) to the bonus system. A crit just reducing top speed, flight or turn performance is from my pov not really enough to justify an assist for a bonus, a hell of planes are still very dangerous even if you score one or two crits or they are on fire.

The next tanker - dude the op speaks only about Air RB, the thread is tagged as air-rb…even if you play Air RB frequently, you can’t deny the fact that kill steals happen.

This is actually correct.

Except it was needed - 'cos you didn’t have the kill.

Should be score based. Average chimpanzee player doesn’t even bother capturing points anymore

Look at that massive brain of yours, how do you get by carrying all that grey matter. Those neck muscles are nothing to scoff at

Enlisted works this way. If you down an enemy player (and they are on the ground healing themselves for those who don’t play it, this is essentially a crit there) and someone else does the finishing shot, you still get the kill and they get the assist. Honestly, finishing off a burning aircraft someone else hit first should be an assist. This way someone “kill steals” are beneficial for both players. The player damaging the aircraft gets the kill either way and the kill stealing player gets an assist they otherwise wouldn’t have.
Your 30 second suggestion is a good addition to this.