More game missions needed! Capping points getting stale

War thunder ground is getting boring where game options are only , cap 1 point , make a red point blue while preventing your blue point from being red , or capping 3 points. So I am suggesting some potential additions of game modes to the game.

1- Convoy mode, where a curtain tank/ truck needs protection from enemies to reach the destination.

2- Add truckers in game, they supply ammunitions to custom positions, can perform repairs and fire extinguishing duties or even heal crews. Could add tasks in a match where some deliveries must be fulfilled. Logistics played very important roles in wars, and trucks can be added (ie, Opel Blitz , US 2 1/2 ton , YaG-6 5 ton) . It could be a good thrill running away from enemy tanks!

personal experience

Once I spawned in a GAZ truck to do anti air duties in-game in the Stalingrad map. Uptiered up to 6.7 and a Jagdpanther spotted me, he started chasing me around the A point for a few minutes and let me tell you, that was one of the most thrilling experiences in-game!

3- ultra sim, basically Enlisted way of operating tanks

4- Land occupation, the team that occupies most land by the end of the game wins, where games have 10-20 minutes timer. Players could have a button when they press, the land gets marked and occupied, showing itself on the map. The marked lands of a team link up together to form an ally land mass and foe land mass. To occupy enemy land mass, just drive into their land and press mark button, so the part of the land links up to ally land mass. The team with most land mass by the end of the timer wins.

5- Free for all, each teams have 30 respawns available, whichever team knocks out the other first wins

6- Historically accurately matches where the tanks could face others during their years of service life. (and let people feel how unbalanced it is. KV-1 vs Pz.II , Ferdinand vs T-34 (1943) , M24 vs King tiger etc)

Anyone have opinions about my concepts feel free to express!

Or share your own concepts!

Edit: 7-
destroyable cities so destroyed and crumbled buildings could be used as cover or custom/creative strong points can be generated.


Attack the D point!

True, a few years ago, they had like air droppable cap point, that is where the D point is from.

The maps are no where near large enough

Dont see this being popular or used at all. It would be neat for squad gameplay but it wouldnt work with randoms

Would be neat to try. Maybe have it added to sim if they ever rework the whole gamemode

So splatoon

We had that battle royale event a couple times. It was really nice and wish it came back

They did this a few times and each time it was a failure. The mm was broken because 95% of people only wanted to play the side with the better tanks

The big maps are enough for this, the priority just needs to get from one end to another from a map I guess.

Doesn’t need to be popular, 1 truck will be enough to support the team. It can park and set a dynamic support point for a team, so the player can spawn in an other tank after parking the truck.

Yes, it should be a regular.

The point is, people want historical mm so much, so just give it to them.

But at the end of the day, these are just suggestions. I am sure Gaijin can have their way of working around this when it is actually considered to be added to the game.

the ground maps are not large enough. The vehicle would get to the other end relatively quickly. plus the lack of routes would mean that it would be very easy to take out. Most likely taken out in the first 20sec of spawning unless your team is steamrolling

They want the idea of historical mm. not actual historical mm. When they think of historical mm, they think of themselves playing something like a tiger vs 75 shermans. They dont actually want to use a m5 stuart to fight an is3. Notice how all of those demanding historical mm only complain that their heavies are fighting new stuff and never complaining that their 75 sherman isnt fighting tiger 2s.

As for game modes, it would be nice if they added the attack/defend game mode back. I enjoyed it.The current game modes are fine for arcade and ok for realistic. They should build sim from the ground up and make it something more unique. If they could do more with attack/defend, i would be happy. It allows for my germany heavy tds to actually do their role.
The issue with mmos is that most mission types require a level of teamwork that is hard to come by. This greatly limits what gaijin can add.

The game has not innovated in the last 10 years, I doubt they will now… the only thing added to the game was new vehicles and that has mostly stopped with the endless string of copy pasted vehicles.

I think he was going for for a more “Air Sim EC” total domination type. :P

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They could design some new maps then I guess

This is because people have not voiced out their feelings towards the three repetitive game missions.

Because snail doesn’t care, they have voiced against many issues for over a decade, only review bombing got anything to change in those last 10 years and it’s a tool not utilized enough.

When your game is completely derivative from pre-existing game models and its subject matter is literally lifted from history books…

This is an existing mission type, though it 's only available in WWM. It 's called " Column Interception " ingame.

I’m more convinced of Gajins concept of interesting tank battles.


But it only appears in wwm, which is rarely if ever even mentioned nowadays