More Flare/Chaff pods in game are desperately needed

Do I need to explain myself further?
Maybe some of you get it but disagree - well, in that case, you’re WRONG

We all know about compression and I cannot blame Snail for it, waiting times in air RB in less popular tiers are easily 5min + in less populated hours.

Half of my Tier 6 lineup is forced to play in premium toys battlegrounds (A-10, F-4c, Su-25) with really good AA missiles, all aspect, 30G and all other good stuff with no flares
Not fair, not fun, not OK

So if you cannot decompress, introduce more flare pods. At least minimal caliber and number, make us sacrifice weapon pylons, give us a chance. Even if it wasn’t historically 100% accurate, if they can fit it they should fit it because no army would send obsolete flareless fighters in combat like this.
In this case, slight historical inconsistency would be 100% warranted.
Please snail, consider it.

I think peaple need to start defeating those missiles using their energy and what not 60 flares on mig 29 is realistic i am a russian main btw i thunk peaple need to change their play style to be honest

Great statement for making friends here…

As to the topic itself, if you know of an aircraft that is missing its countermeasures dispenser (built in or as suspended pod), and can prove so historically, simply put it into a bug report.

If the aircraft however historically never had such countermeasures capability, I don’t think anything will be done about it…

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Planes that had flare pods irl should get them. If they didn’t have flare pods irl then they shouldn’t get flare pods.


If they dont get flare pods then they also shouldnt fight ground attackers with all-aspect 30Gs. “bUt hiStOriCaL aCCuRaCy” a F-100 or F-4C would never face an Su-25.


They should not face modern missiles either.
Were F-86 Sabres ever shot down by AIM-9L’ s?
Ofc they never faced it, it would be lunacy, right? Then why is it so in War thunder?

We remove injustice of one historical inaccuracy with other.
If it sounds stupid and it works, it ain’t stupid.


I agree with you. It’s stupid. People saying change your play style ROFL 😂 5km death zone around those missile carriers and if you’re in a subsonic jet with no countermeasures and they happen to look at you, good luck dodging more than one IF you’re lucky and have the energy to dodge another.

The easiest bandaid fix would be to allow flares/chaff minimal amount to all planes for the sake of fun.

What I really would like them to do is break jets into eras. Balance is sorely needed at this level. I feel like air mode is such a mess right now.

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SMT should have 56 additional large caliber countermeasures like in real life

I am trying not to be overly negative but after getting repeatedly killed by Mig-21S, Su-25’s and other premiums, over 50% of my death comes from unavoidable missiles (have spaded F-104, F-3H2. F-100 and 9.0 sabre I expect the same thing)

…it almost feels like regular players are only here to be food for premuim vehicles.
We are the ones grinding, enjoying history and experience full tech tree, meantime, the snail;
“You wanna slap some premium noobs? 60-70 bucks and have fun bro”

The funniest are the comments that say to avoid the rocket using Energa, actually as I fly 1,300km / h is certainly my plane will do some sensible avoidance, and 100% one that will avoid the rocket 30G, if someone thinks so probably did not play top BR, or at most came to the rockets 10G which can actually be avoided, But not 30 or 40, let’s respect each other, it’s just ridiculous.

Aim 9m is practically unavoidable what to do? Keep far keep high speed turn sloghtly sp missile has to lead more

You can’t flare it off like other missiles. What you need to do is drop flares while turning one direction then immediately crank to the other direction after doing that.

maybe instead if adding in accurate flare pods maybe just add a .5 BR

Yes i know…

bro has never played france ground

Well the UK should have access to Phimat pods - but apparently it was bugged and gaijin just decided to throw it in the bin instead of fixing it.

Then they bring out the new aircraft with chaff pods other than the UK.