More F-104 Models for War Thunder and External Fuel Tanks for F-104

I think game need more F-104 “Starfighter” models List of Lockheed F-104 Starfighter variants - Wikipedia and External fuel tanks for “Starfighter”


Which nation? U.S. I presume? (going by your alarmy bottom photo).

They have early base model F-104A and C variants in-game honestly could also just use some upgrades in fairness trade for raising their questionable current BRs in the form of:

The Civil Airworthiness Certification: Former Military High-Performance Aircraft [2] by the FAA mentions that the F-104A and B of the 319th FIS were re-engined with the J79-GE-19 engine (same one as on the Italian F-104S).


U.S. F-104A was experimentally fitted with Sidewinder 1-C or (early AIM-9Ds) in China Lake.

The U.S. F-104C could also equip 2 additional AIM-9B sidewinders underneath the lower fuselage


Fuel tanks would be also great to see nevertheless and make the Starfighters more pleasing to look at.


are those AGM-12B?! where are they in-game?

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