Moments of Valor: Argentina

I meant in a more general sense, and also sarcasm does exist. You can see what i’m saying though, on a day the argentinians are celebrating, Gaijin have posted a video about a crushing defeat they were handed, where thousands of them were killed, because at the time their unelected facist dictator sent them to die to distract people from the suffering he was causing. Even if the video is praising the individual bravery of specific soldiers, there are better times to talk about it.


Air AB, RB and SB? How about uses in ground RB/SB? It doesn’t say “air battles”.

And yes, a tracker in-game like other achievements would be nice for these.

I have played five games with the Sea Harrier FRS.1 (which I purchased some time ago) but I have not received the 801 Naval Squadron camouflage from the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible, where am I going wrong?

If it’s like the Turkish MoV, no rewards are given out until after the 16th.

This was absolutely amazing! Phenomenal work, Gaijin. And thank you for the plethora of goodies accompanying this! 🫡

Man, this reminds me, I’d practically kill to get more single player/co-op content for War Thunder. lol More Historical and Dynamic Campaigns. More Single Missions, as well as expanded features and options for Mission Editor.

Also, implementing IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey’s wingman command system, overhauling War Thunder’s AI behavior and functionality, and replacing all AI vehicle damage and visual models with the same highly detailed ones players use would be incredible. There’s so much potential.


This video was great (considering it was Pandramodo that makes sense), The idea for a mini event with skins is also a good idea as well & I wished they’d do more of these.

Of course it can’t be all praises, The attack on the fleets were hampered by the use of WWII ships like the Emerald class cruiser & Abdiel class Minelayer (an I think a Hunt class Type IV Escort Destroyer), Had they’d maybe used a Type 12 ASW Frigate or a Type 41 AA Frigate or maybe even a Tiger class AA cruiser (they were almost deployed IRL) would’ve made the video a tad better (maybe even a container ship model over the WWII Liberity Ship as a standin for the MV Atlantic Conveyor).

I kinda hope they Type 42 destroyer model gets polished up & maybe comes as an at most 4.3+ destroyer maybe for the Bluewater or Coastal TT as that thing would be wicked.

Hm missed opportunity imo for a ARA General Balgrano skin for one of the Brooklyn class cruisers since you guys are adding skins for several aircraft.


I enjoyed that video more than I should have. It really hit hard. I would love to see more events in the Moments of Valor style.

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To quote:

It was funny in a jingoistic kinda way, but glossed over the fact that they had to scrape together a force to be able to pull it off.

Canada didn’t even get a Canada Day decal


you just gave me an idea, while I grind my camo sea harrier.


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very good video!!!

but… the game is called “War” Thunder… just saying.

Are there any caveats for getting the skin for the Harrier and F86? I’ve played 3 games in mine and have not got the skins.

We will get them at the end of the promotion.

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Oh right thanks, I missed that part mb ^^

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Ok, enough of this politics.