Module research points get lost

Hey guys,
this really is infuriating. I keep on losing rp, because the game doesn’t seem to know how to add excess module research points, to the next.
As you can see in the first screenshot. I made roughly 5800 rp with the AMX 32 105. And unlocked the smoke shell with 61 rp all is fine up until here.

But if you take a look at the second screenshot, you can clearly see, I only got credited 718 for the smoke screen. So somewhere the game logic took out about 5000 rp for no reason.

Already restarted the game etc.

This issue is not new I did a bugreport about this years ago. So this has been happening for years to all the people, I wonder how many rp have been lost this way. One of the mods said it’s by design. Which is shady as hell.
It was mentioned that it only happens when you play several matches without ending them, at that point credits may get lost. That doesn’t justify anything, this whole behavior leaves me with a strange impression.

In this case though I played my first match today and surprise surprise it still happened.

Please for the love of god, forward this to the devs and let them fix it.