Modern A-A missiles comparison

Need to bring about some info comparing these:

  • R 73
  • Aim 9X
  • IRIS - T
  • R 74 / K 74 / K 74M2

I am (obviously) not a spy.

By what I’ve read, the ranges of the R 73, IRIS - T and Aim 9X are comparable (30 vs 25 vs 35 km respectively).
Its when the modern R 73M and R74 variants come in that it starts to seem scary how close IR missiles are coming to fox 1’s and fox 3’s (at least for Aim 7’s and R 27’s etc)

However the R73 is claimed to be able to pull 50G’s while the IRIS - T is claimed to pull 100G’s and the Aim 9X: 60G’s.