Moderators on the issues website are biased towards Russia

a lot of sources and it was denied with some bs reason (This was a western vehicle):

Screenshot 2023-12-09 192213

literal russian propaganda video accepted as source (the only source OP gave):

Screenshot 2023-12-09 192704

Please stop russian bias Gaijin


Literally can’t read.

Since it IS SO HARD for this community to read a 5 minute read.

no, I didn’t mean directly the Not a bug. I just meant that they deny massive amounts of sources for western vehicles. But they accept a russian propaganda video as a source for a russian vehicle.


Maybe try reading?

Yes I read it this morning, no need to be so pushy. I’m just pissed they accepted Russian Propaganda as a SOURCE. You too could try to read :D

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I have, the sources for the M are clearly stated. No one but one person has posted an actual number for the abrams. All other sources were “ added armor” that is it. Trickzzter said very plainly they need numbers and estimates.

However come Monday we may see the abrams get approved if the source is good enough. But like the rest of this community yall just like to fling shit and not use that brain in your head.

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The Challenger 2 also would need some attention as well, the hull ammo racks are badly modeled, the transmission is modelled incorrectly, the CHARM 3 round is underperforming (it can pen 700mm RHA, yet in the game it can only pen 564mm or something like that), the Dorchester ERA and NERA is underperforming, the mantlet armour should have 400mm not 200mm. The list goes on, yet it’s been 4+ months since a post clarifying any of these was “acknowledged” on the gaijinnet/issues site

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Oh noooo the thing that was accepted isn’t happening over night, the horror.

Seriously get over yourself.

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??? No I mean it’s been two MAJOR patches since the last “acknowledged” post was posted about the Challenger 2

You must be a coding master. Please build a challenger 2 in less than 4 months to the level of detail as the one in warthunder.

No, it’s a simple matter of removing a few ammo racks from the model and change some statistics in a singular shell and change the number in a armour plate, simple stuff bruv. not rework the whole tank

It was literally explained in the first report why is denied. The sources given were for the bench mark thrust. Which isn’t used by Gaijin. They use installed thrust. The second was forwarded as a suggestion not a bug fix.

Now that I think about it, yeah makes some sense but still… so many sources bro, on a dev server vehicle

Doesn’t matter the number of sources, if it’s for the wrong thing.


As already said here and on the CBR (Issues website), we only accept installed thrust for an engine on an aircraft.
I hope this helps.

Feel free to contact Technical Moderators if you have further questions.


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