Modeled Tank Interiors

I think it would be a cool addition to introduce modeled interiors. A good example of this is in Arma III, were we get a limited interior view. RHS/CUP modifications to that game provide additional view models.

We have a very limited first person view (drive/gun sights) in ground. I’d like to have something akin to what air gets. I know this is a monumental ask, but what got me onto this was trying ground sim for the first time today. The view did not feel like a simulation at all to me, this felt like a limited view version of RB. Which is not at all the treatment given in air sim. Not asking for changes in that mode, first match so there’s a lot of experience to gather.

I do think that having a more immersive tank would bring something new and interesting. Modeling would probably need to start in the same way air did with placeholder assets in similar tanks. With tanks slowly getting more accurate interior views.

Curious if anyone else would enjoy this, or if it’s just a one off idea with no appeal? Feel free to chime in anything else that might make this more enjoyable.


Some tanks in Enlisted have their copula interior modeled, I don’t see why this would be hard to be carried over but given that the view inside the copula is very limited most people would just stick to the simulated commander 3rd person

I think authentic sights as an optional feature in RB (forced in SB) and realistic fire control systems behavior for sim would be a nice immersive touch, it really bugs me that SB doesn’t have any simulation of fire control systems for high tier, while planes and helicopters get almost everything working as intended.


How many times have you used cockpit view in airplane?

Pretty frequently, especially in sim battles 🤣

yeah, sim battles 🤣