Mitsubishi LR-1 Armament

I wanted to start a topic on the LR-1 and it’s armament, specifically trying to find the mounting style.
From what I found the LR-1 has access to 500lb bombs, napalm, 12.7mm machine guns, air to surface rockets, air to air rockets.

If anyone could help find more info on the LR-1’s weapons that would be appreciated.


Ive tried to find anything but the stuff you showed is all i came across…ill keep an eye out

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So just looking at all the evidence I have gathered I think I have a good idea of where things go.

Saab operated Mu-2s have these pylons for mounting EW pods. At the very least I think they are used for rockets on the LR-1.

As for the bombs and napalm it’s a little harder to say. The bombs and napalm could use the same pylons seen on the Saab operated Mu-2s, but from what I can see it doesn’t seem like it. The images from the training manual show the bombs being very close to the wingtips if not on the wingtips.


There is also the fact that the armament list doesn’t have the bombs and rockets listed as exclusive to each other has me thinking that both could be mounted at the same time.

The wingtip tanks are removable on the LR-1 freeing up the space for the mounting points to be used.

Also being used for EW, the Saab operated MU-2s have these protrusions forward of the passenger doors which seem to either be CMDS or optics for a MWS.


For the machine guns I think these nacelles on the fuselage are where the machine guns go. In this pic there seems to be a hole at the front.

They are quite common on early LR-1s, but most of the time are empty and covered up.