Mitsubishi F-15J

is there a link to that?

Aren’t AIM-120B’s export variants and as such the only ones Japan could have used?

It should as far as I know, and it should probably be better. I think the F-2 uses this RWR too.

AIM-120B isnt purely a Export variant, its more a direct upgrade of the A, its just very few nations bothered getting the AIM-120A due to initial teething issues and lack of some features (iirc early versions of A lacked DL) so most nations waited for an improved version of AMRAAM which we now know as the B model.

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Not sure if they’ve actually gone through with it, but I recall Japan was cleared to purchase AIM-9Xs and AIM-120C-8s a couple of years ago.


Even tho its very basic explanation it will give you a general idea about differences.


This is used by F35.


I seem to have received some information that the AAM4’s total thrust will be increased to 46000N, almost double the original.

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