Mitsubishi F-15J

I did my part, and now at least they have access to some Japanese sources. I am planning to make a similar report about AAM-4 and AAM-5 in the future because in the books I gathered for the AAM-3 report, there are some pieces of information about those two too. If not now, maybe in the future they will make use of it.


Only special thing I know about AAM-4 is it’s stealth on RWR(Yes, both AAM-4 and AAM-4b). You know anything else?


we now got a banger skin




That is a nice skin.

I’m curious though with skins being added to F-15J, will they copy them over to the F-15J MSIP? I was thinking the reason we didn’t see fancy skins on the F-15J (compared to the other F-15As) was that Gaijin was saving them for the new F-15J MSIP.

I wonder, could they instead just make it a MSIP mod that changes the turkey feathers/radar/cockpit/etc?

I personally would like this “uncommon” skin to stop costing 40 dollars to buy

supposedly a technical moderator said that if there’s proof a missile can use combined plane at all times, then it will receive combined plane g load buffs.
would this affect the aam3 because it has btt, albeit not modelled in game?

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it should

Speaking of the AAM-3. I’ve tested it quite a bit since the introduction of the Sensory mode in replays and I doubt this thing actually pulls 40g. I’ve compared the Magic 2’s quite a bit and noticed that the AAM-3 averages about 25-30G’s of pull and extremely rarely for some split seconds pull like 43.0G’s.
When compared to the Magic 2 however it averages around 37-41G’s of pull, with peaks around 55-60G’s during the same split second pulls.

I have not managed to get the AAM-3 to pull anywhere near those 40G’s during a sustained turn. Not saying they are bad by any means as they are, but feel that the stat-card is somewhat misleading here.


thats because in pretty much every metric besides drag, the AAM-3s have the same stats as the 9L/M in flight performance


You don’t even need to flare it


OOf, missiles seem to be priority targets for missiles compared to afterburning planes.

Though did that missile get detected as a flare and trigger the push-ahead IRCCM?


I wonder how seeker went below the jet that was flying straight with push-ahead IRCCM.
I think it just turns off completely for some reason when it sees missile, had it so many times I can not count.
No doubts mentaly ill people would say skill issue lol

Flying straight and ejecting flares is a method of defeating push-ahead because it assumes the flare is the target due to lead rate bias.

There was no flares at all and missile that broke seeker is going forward, not down


I’m not stating this is what should have happened, I am explaining how the IRCCM is supposed to work in real life.

How it works IRL I know. It was a rhetorical question about how it works in game(It doesn’t)

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Aha I see what happened here, the missile starts tracking the enemy AIM-9M then takes inertia calculation from the enemy AIM-9M and essentially treats the enemy jet as the flare.

That shouldn’t happen as in IRL the alternate channel would detect the missile as a flare as the wavelength would differ from the aircraft. It would still trigger the IRCCM circuit But it would maintain the inertia track on the jet until the missile pulls out of FOV.


Do you have documentation showing that it is able to separate and ascertain the difference in wavelength of the signature?

Hopefully that doesn’t intrude on the territory of classified documents, might I add.