Mission maker-- SL wager?

Yes, How to get the Mission maker award?

IIRC you need to get both the first and the last kill in a battle. Good luck with that… :)

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Mission Maker Award is given if you can get the “First Strike” & “Final Blow” awards in the same game. It is next to impossible to get in AB mode, but I have heard it is “doable” to some degree in RB & Sim. It takes a good amount of situational awareness. First Strike is not that hard to get usually, but Final blow is more difficult to “make happen” and both is a real stretch . . . all I can say is good luck. As a AB player, I just toss those wagers and re-roll any daily task that has that as a requirement . . it just ain’t gonna happen . . if it does, it is pure luck for me . . lol

Mission maker is indeed as others have already pointed out, a task to deliver the first and final kill of a match, which is an unfortunately rather unreliable task for completion.

You can find a full list of awards and their requirements here: