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The list of pages on the wiki.warthunder.com website related to the Mission Editor.


Instructions for Using the Mission Editor - Explains the basic functionality of the Mission Editor, what all the icons/buttons do, how to move the camera or adjusting the options.

Triggers - Has the descriptions related to creating a new triggers and its functionality, there is also a list of all actions and conditions with descriptions. There also can be found examples of how to use actions to create something like a convoy for the ground units etc.

Singleplayer mission creation basics - Explains how to create a simple singleplayer mission with a player’s unit only.

Specific to planes:
Instructions for using editor/Dog Fight
Instructions for using Editor/Factory Defense
Instructions for using the Editor/Route Flying
Mission examples for planes, explains how to make the units attack each other or create waypoints and the mission objectives.

Specific to tanks:
Instructions for using the Mission Editor / Tank Missions
Mission example for the ground units, contains the information about creating a simple mission for the tanks, adding an AI unit which can follow you and ground based waypoints. Also explains the options and actions which can be used for tanks like the real spotting system which makes the AI not shoot through the trees etc.

Multiplayer mission creation - In depth topic about creation of multiplayer missions including the process of creating spawn zones in multiple ways, descriptions explaining what do the multiplayer options do and a few scripts like the one which limits the amount of units or custom difficulty and more.

Multiplayer missions / game modes - An extension to the page above, provides some example missions explaining how to create a few irregular gamemodes like the Races or Deathmatch mode.

For more advanced missions:
Variables - Describes what all the basic variables do and provides an explanation how to use them based on the example.

CDK Reference - The list of all units, effects, controls, icons and mission hints.
CSV files for missions - Creation of the CVS files which are used for storing the names of the mission, objectives, hints and all the other text which is displayed during the mission (Mainly for the singleplayer missions).

You can also find all the Mission Editor pages here:

Mission Editor templates / scripts etc:

You can ask the CDK Mission Editor related questions here in this topic. (Don’t ping me)
If you spot any errors on the wiki pages you can post about them there, or if you have any suggestion related to creating new Wiki pages about the CDK, adding more examples to existing ones etc.


Sometimes, cylinder zone airspawns and airfield spawns just cause “CRASH LANDING” to come up, but this seems to only happen at certain times. Any reason for this, and is there any way to fix it?

Here’s an image of what I mean.

How did you manage to achieve this?
How did you set up the spawn zones?
I have never heard about anything like that and I never had that issue in my missions.

I just have them set up as Cylindrical or spherical spawn zones. I have no idea why it’s happening either- it happens on both airfields and on regular spawn zones too, which is what makes even less sense. Here’s more screenshots of a different spawn that has same problem:


What if you disable all the tags and only leave “air” and “helicopter” enabled?
Then in the action’s options disable the “isStrictSpawn” and the one below.
Also replace the “sphere” areas with the “box” areas (each type is slightly different).

Then it doesn’t show up on the map.

Disabling strictspawns means that planes spawn diagonally to the zone, and crash anyway half the time. @RideR2

To be honest while creating spawns for the planes you are supposed to add like 16+ small areas next to each, then put all of them into the “Squad” unit and then set that as the target in the missionMarkAsRespawnPoint action and then there’s really no need for using the isStrictSpawn options.
This is how it’s done in every proper mission and Gaijin’s ones.

You can check how it’s done in my mission:

I also added that info to the wiki page, since the way it was explained wasn’t good enough.

Does anyone know the list of sounds that can be played by playSound Trigger?
I would like to know it for knowledge, if anyone knows it, please let me know.


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Thank you sir o7

Is there a way to disable spawn protection for a ground spawn in a multiplayer CDK mission?

There’s a flag called “ignoreMissionInvulnerabilityTimer” in the main section, find that.

Does anyone know how to assign custom names to units, incidentally? Like have a flag, for instance, named “TO THE PHANTOM ZONE”

Also, another question: what happened to all my bridges? I can’t cross any of them. It’ll let me across the first bit, then the tank will stop and struggle to get across the bridge as if it’s constantly colliding with something. It happens regardless of what model of bridge I use.

I didn’t have this problem when I started making this mission so the fact I’m having it now pisses me off to be honest.

Well, my ground spawn is the respawn base off the missionMarkAsCaptureZone trigger so I’m not seeing that flag. Is there some way to do it using the missionMarkAsCaptureZone respawn base instead of a regular one?

Hi, I am working currently on a realistic single player mission template for Ruhr 43/44 intercept missions:

Today I was able to create Warnings by the AI wingmen if enemies are nearby. The message appears as a subtitle (playHint message from a .csv file).
But I would prefer to use audio warnings with the action play sound.
I had read the action info in the wiki and downloaded a soundfile for test from fmod_studio…: voice_message_check_your_six_0_2.wav and copied it into the War Thunder/sound folder.
But it does not work.
in mission:
This sound is activated only for test at mission start
Ruhr-43-44-template-intercept-mission-v01ix.zip (4.1 KB)
The attached mission is currently only for testing the warning messages.
(from west appear 4 P47 in 800m, they will not fight)
Do you know what I did wrong?
I suppose I need only one example of playsound with path/soundname.
Thanks in advance and Best regards

You can use only already implemented sounds, so basically if you want something custom then it’s needed to make a custom sound mod (Don’t ask me, I have no idea how to do that) which replaces existing sounds (you cannot add anything new).

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Thanks for your answer!
Okay, I want to use the implemented sounds.
Are the implemented sounds all sounds in this link?

Could you please show me only one example with correct path / sound name for the playSound action:

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