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Thanks very much. I am still testing, something is wrong in my mission.
Could you please send me the link to exactly this audio message, I was not able to find it in the …/fmod_studio_warthunder_…
Best regards and many thanks for your help!

Uh, I got it somewhere else, I don’t remember where.

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Thanks, no problem.

I followed the Multiplayer Mission guide and it exported as Pacific ocean? Its a blank map with nothing on it, what is going on? Help please? Or is this just going to be a situation where I get no help and I have to give up on due to poor guides…

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After multiple posted in 11 places, believe it or not, I only received a reply in 2. Reddit and this Forum. I shall only come here and Reddit from now on. Tysm!

Hey I am back again… Another issue…

I am back again with another CDK issue. The cap isnt capping and the CDK guide is also capping at this point. What am I doing wrong here?

If Team A caps their Helispawn with a tank, it enables the spawns for both air and ground, and if it gets capped by the enemy, its to disable the spawns.

Its not capping at all and I am stumped. Any help is best help.

It’s a multiplayer mission isn’t it?

Hi, do you know if it is possible for two people to work on the same mission?

Not playing it, but creating it

How would that even work, if you mean that two players to have the same mission open in CDK at the same time then nope, it’s not possible.

Aight thank you

We got it sorted a long time ago. We’re good now but yes it was multiplayer.

I want to ask about how can make
“cn_tor_m1” , “ussr_zprk_2s6” and “ussr_pantsyr_s1” work by AI
the 2s6 and pantsirS1 can’t guide missiles like roland but use 30mm cannon’s aim so that the missiles always miss.
I tried to use “unirsetproperties”:“weaponTriggers” set to “gunner1” so that the 2s6 and pantsyrS1 could only use their missile. But it still not able to guide the missiles.
The tor_m1 doesn’t work. I guess it might just be.
(Apologies for my terrible English)

by the way, tor will shoot his 8 missiles to ground when “missionUnitShootAtLine”, that’s the only way to make it shoot, I don’t know what that would do.

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These units are just broken and won’t work no matter you do (I tried some time ago), Gaijin would need to fix their AI, unless you want them for a singleplayer mission, then you could create a modded unit and fix it yourself.

That action is used to spawn shells in the air, basically think of it as a way of adding a long range artillery to you mission.

“Artillery shooting at specific area” mission from this post shows how it can work.

Hi, i’m having a bit of stupid problem. I wanted to normaly test my mission by uploding it into discord and copying link but it seems to not work anymore, Can’t dowload the mission in game. I tried uploading to live.warthunder and it worked but you can’t really upload there too frequently. Am i doing something wrong here with discord or is there any other way to upload missions. also tried direct file path, didn’t work.

Also is “Run mission” button in the mission editor usable with the normal laucher or is it only for devs, because for me it’s not working :/.

Just remove the https:// part of your discord link then it should work.

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Thank you so much.

Holy hell, thanks!