Missing voice lines for German comander in new update Sons of Attila

Hi! As the title suggests, some voice lines for the German commander are missing, most notably so his “FIRE!” (Feuer!) line while the crew is under pressure (introduced in La Royale update). I noticed that America/Great Britain voice lines have this detail, but it was replaced or is missing in the new update for Germany which is really disappointing and a downgrade in immersion in my opinion.


And some of the lines were messed up as well. The one I distinctly remember is that crew says “Ziel zerstört” - Target destroyed when you land a hit on an enemy, even if the round didn’t pen.

I’ve never had that happen to me. I hear “Ziel getroffen” upon a hit. Then, upon destruction, there are two variants, one line that I don’t remember, and the same line preceded by “Ziel zerstört”.

Yes, Feuer is missing, which is a shame. Also funny and odd, because when it comes to giving orders to the driver, the commander never shuts up :D

It does feel like some of the emotional tone variation introduced by La Royale has been lost, which is a shame.

I’ve just checked and it seems they’ve changed it. Now the voice lines are correct. But for the first days after an update I distinctly remember hearing random Ziel zerstört on hits

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Though when you rangefind/detect an SPG or tank destroyer, the crew says FlaRak (if I hear it right). And before the update they’ve been saying Flugabwehrstellung when ranging to a TD, lol

Crew trolling.

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Exactly, some of the rangefinder voice lines were also replaced, I haven’t paid much attention to them but they are definitely not the same. I hope the devs restore the intensity of the voices in an update (or a mod).

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