Missing thermal sight on the Khalid

Khalid uses a Computer Sighting System for its fire control, which is similar to that of the original Chieftains Improved Fire Control System. The vehicle also uses a Pilkington Optronics Tank Laser Sight.
The commander has a modified cupola that accepts the Pilkington Optronics No. 84 sight, which is a day and passive night sight, with a projector reticle imager, allowing 24 hour vision and gunnery capability for the commander. This sight is linked to the 120mm L11A5 gun and provides spot injection for the CSS

Army Guide website Army Guide
Tank Encyclopedia website FV4201 Chieftain (See the section they have on Jordanian Chieftains)
Military Factory website Khalid (Sword) Main Battle Tank

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Passive night vision = Image intensifying

there’s nothing to report


Of the sources.
Army Guide is unreliable, and does not make claims of Khalid having a thermal sight.
Tank Encyclopedia is unreliable.
And Military Factory makes no claims of thermal sight.