Missing SLs

I admit to being OCD, always writing down my closing SL balance on my desk calendar when closing down the game. Last night I signed off with 11, 008, xxx. Today I opened the game to see my balance was 10,566,xxx. Should I report this or just change my password and move one. Not a biggee but certainly a head scratcher. No I did not purchase anything. Perhaps some ammo but not 500k worth.

Now I must also admit to being pudding headed. As the say in Soccer, upon further review I now recall spending those SLs to upgrade my Somua to Expert.
Fellow players, I do apologize for causing anyone else excessive head scratching. Face palm


Its ok feller we all make mistakes

Thank You my Friend

game says I have played 11000 arcade matches.
I never play arcade for more than 4 months or so in like 2015…