Missing maps since the Roadmap update

Since the day 8th after the update the are a lot of maps missing form the rotation and never appear again. Some of those maps are, Eastern Europe, Allamein, European Province, Poland (not winter version) and Volokolansk.
Meanwhile maps like Sversk-13 or Ardennes are spammed until stupid levels. The fist one appeared more than 50 times in the las 3 days when others maps appeared 9 times.
I know the WT map rotation is completely destroyed since long time ago but if now for some reason Gaijin limited even more the maps, this is horrible.
Just the example how bad the map rotation is right now, basically sverks-13 map spam plus the same 4 or 5 maps over and over and over again.

seversk 13 the map comes with me too often the nerft. That’s why I banned her.
Gaiji should really revise the maprotaion.

Ye, not a fan of serversk. They should bring back white rock and limit Serversk

I’ve just got “Fields of Poland” despite it’s banned.

I believe this is a specific bug regarding banning that map. I have heard other people also say that specific map comes up regardless of bans or not.

I dont know, btw my banned map is Ardennes.

People wanted bans and dislikes. Now we have them.

When you think about the math of 32 people with 4 dislikes and bans each, it’s a wonder we’re not down to one map in some BR ranges. Mathematically, if all you needed was for 3 dislikes to ban that map among those 32 to block it, basically nothing would be left. We don’t know what the dislike threshold is, but it’s probably not much higher than that. Seversk is basically all we agree on, it seems.

I suspect what you’re seeing is, now that we know the BR ranges of all the maps with that update, people have just started using their dislikes more efficiently (I know I have, if it’s not a map at a BR I’m playing right now I move the dislike.) Wouldn’t take many.

People wanted bans and dislikes. Now we have them.

Sorry but that’s not the issue. Also statistically extremely improbable to cause this much of an issue with only 1 ban out of the amount of maps we have. (A lot).

Gaijin has disabled a lot of maps. At some BRs, they’ve disabled MOST maps. Top tier ARB is currently rocking a grand total of 10 maps with some of them seemingly not having the same weight as others in the matchmaker.

Oh, and dislikes do literally absolutely nothing on the user end. Gaijin themselves have confirmed this. They are strictly for gaijin to see what maps people don’t like.

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Not true: their actual statement was:

“If a few players from the matching queue have the same mission or location marked as unwanted, the location will be skipped, and the new location will be selected.”

“a few” normally equals around 3. And again, if you do the math on 3 dislikes per person over a set of 10 or so maps, yep, after three dislikes by even a portion of those 32 people not much would be left with fewer than three dislikes on them. It’s actually statistically highly probable that that is what you’re seeing right now.

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I banned Seversk-13 and im playing 6 nations from 3.7 to 8.3 and Eastern Europe never appear.
Looks like just another Gaijin fail after the update.

Anyone played on Easter Europe map recently???