Missing Custom Battle Maps

Question for community manger, dev, or any players that might know.

Is there a way to get more maps available for the custom battles list? I like to test different things in custom battle maps and there’s a whole lot of EC maps missing from the selection. Every single Naval EC maps are missing, most of the Air SIM maps are missing (the Air RB EC maps are there), and some of the larger maps for Ground SIM are missing too. Is there something I might be missing hopefully? If there’s not what needs to be done so that these missions are available in customs for us console players? There shouldn’t be too much issue I’d hope being the files are already in game.

I’m playing on PS5 so I don’t have access to the mission CDK editor like PC does so I can’t just create aa set of missions to fit my needs and tweak them as needed. I’m putting this in general chat instead of the PSN portion in case there’s something that’s applicable to both that I’m missing or just not seeing.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

@Smin1080p @Stona_WT can i please get any answer or feedback? If theres a way in game I’m missing for consoles then I’d love to know. If not what can I do to get thia changed in game. I honestly dont have much faith in the “pass to the devs” part of the forum considering 90% of the simple changes posted through there seem to go unchanged. I simply want to have more of the EC and SIM maps in the “custom battles” option.