Missiles locks need to be range restricted

Now first of all I only put USSR because I play them the most. Missiles locks need to be range restricted to 2.5 km. 1 km = 1000 m so, you mean to tell me that an aircraft can lock on to you while flying at 3500 m when I’m at 7000 m that 3500 m over the 2.5 km range.



Not only can they lock onto at those ranges, some more modern seekers can distinguish certain section/parts to target.

That’s the fidelity the earlier 9X blocks can see targets with. Other modern missiles can achieve IR lock at over 20kms.


Modern missiles like ASRAAM could in theory hit something 50km away. Start modeling missiles based upon “balance” and “gameplay” and the entire game becomes meaningless. Look at MANPADs. They’ve done that with Stingers and Mistraals and both are almost unusable .


I’m just saying in order of the fairness that should be it. They don’t want to raise the B.R. or make missiles more B.R. fair so this is my next thing to make it more fair.

How is artificially limiting every IR missile to acquire locks within 2.5ks fair?

Died to too many AIM-9Ms?

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I mean when you’re 2.50 km away from the aircraft. You have to be 0.78 km away to have your gun scope come up. That’s what I mean by a fair margin.

No,… in order of fairness what should be done is to correct all fixes gaijin didn’t done yet.

You’re idea is terrible for the gameplay

And the gun/missile range comparison is wrong they do not serves the same purpose at all.

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Look all I know is that my gun sight comes on at about 0.78 km away for a target. My missile at least has a chance at hitting it target at 2.5 km away and the missiles accuracy goes up the closer you are to the target. What I’m complaining about is an aircraft being at 3500 meters and being able to hit an aircraft flying at 7200 meters. That’s over a 3500 meter difference, that’s why what I says is that all aircraft should be limited to 2500 meters for maximum lunch range.

Are we speaking of Arcade mode or Realistic mode?

Because in both of them, nothing stops you from firing bullets up to 1.2km (effective range)[2.2km in head-on]

In RB the Radar gunsight is enabled depending on the radar, in such Mirage 2000 does have radar gunsight at around 1 km.

Then 0.78km is making me wonder, since it is the specified range of arcade mode.

BUT ANYWAY: you’re idea is terrible as Ranges are given by IRL values and not from the ass of some monkey ^^"

Edit: the gun range and Missile SHOULD NOT BE compared,… it is not related to any Balancing issue you have.

Self-awareness of situation you’re into, and knowledge on how to dodge/decoy missile is the only thing you must know either in Arcade than Realistic

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Yes I’m taking about arcade mode and my idea is to make the game fairer for all intended people. There nothing stopping an aircraft from flying 2.5 kilometers below the to fire. I’m just saying that aircraft should move around a lot more than they normally do and rate of climb would actually have a meaning.

That explains it.

As it should be,… but you were unaware, got shot then complain,…

You’re fault/mistake → your problem

Btw to shoot up this range, the missile shot might be a radar one → in such radar missile Lock radius is depending on the radar and Seeker

most of the toptier missiles are able to lock up to 40-50km range (up to 150km for AIM-54)
missiles from BR 10.0 and around are between 20km to 40km

The ranges are also dependant with the purpose of each missile type,… there is no reason to limit the lock of long-range missiles since you can use your RWR more effectively

There many thing a toptier player might be able to do, and the first is to self question about what mistakes have been made.
→ your mistake on this thread is to think that Fairness is something at war.

This is even more stupid of you,…

A climb rate is the ability to increase altitude, but it’s also Speed Relevant → most missiles travels at twice or 3 times your speed.

When having full speed at sea level(mach 1.2) in a MiG-19 you can straight climb up to 8500m, before running out of energy

You can agree that you’re aircraft is Heavier/have more drag than a missile right?

Therefore you wonder that a Mach 2.5 missile is able to climb up to your altitude from 7.2km below with a missile able to travel up to 5 time that range easily?


I’m despised by your thinking, which certainly does not apply physical laws and applications,…

Throw a baseball in the sky, then throw an 12pound bowling ball → which one is going to have highest altitude in between their flight?

Then what about a 120kg, traveling Mach3 missile vs a 7 to 20 tons aircraft traveling at mach 1?

Thats my guess, and Ironically the 9Ms are probably the easiest to flare of the new missiles, its dump a few flares and manuever, compared to dumping a buttload of flares and turning entirely around for the R-73 and Magic 2

and OP is complaining about them having a lock range that is too high. Currently, in a headon, Aim-9M lock about 3km, they should lock about 14km


They already are artificially reduced.


He is playing arcade and he is complaining about missile lock range lol

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My problem is that I think that missiles have to great of a lock on range. I’m no expert on missiles nor do I know much about them but, I think that it’s completely unfair how an aircraft flying at 3500 kilometers can fire at a aircraft flying at 7200 kilometers and somehow get a 100% accurate shot. So my theory is that they either need to make the shooting range less or they need to make the chance of a missile hit go down the further you are away from the target.

If a missile has enough energy then altitude doesn’t matter. No missile should receive such artificial limit.

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