Missiles Flare Resistance & Map Fog

Hello friends I’m here to discuss about the new features which arrived in Sons of Powercreep, first we got fog which covers the entire Air RB map because Gaijin is amazing at making maps, we also have missiles which are basically unflarable (I’m looking at you AIM-9L).

I’m not sure why on Gods green earth someone decided to make fog a prevalent thing on basically ALL maps ruining the overall experience, this can easily be a skill issue on my end but you tell me.

Gaijin also sneakily buffed ALL missiles when it comes to flare resistance basically making todays AIM-9E yesterdays AIM-9L. Missiles were fine before the patch but they decided to make everyone’s life a living hell.

Discuss about the issue in the comments and you tell me is this a skill issue or game issue?!



Absolutely ridiculous fog is just hilarious 😂

are you talking about the AIM-9M?
because when I grinded them today, in my Harrier, every single AIM-9L I shot, and people flared, went for flares. I had matches with 1 missile left and 1 gun kill because people actually flared, and nothing fancy like you have to do with the AIM-9M, in side aspect just popped flares one time and my missile went for them or literally flying straight and popping flares, again, once and also going for flares.

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I’m speaking in a general sense we weren’t informed about this change and was sneaked into the update. The AIM-9M is completely fine since it’s meant to be a TOP TIER missile unlike the AIM-9Es or Gs.

My main concern though is fog

Ah ok sorry I cant speak for the AIM-9E or 9G, only for the 9L, since I only played the Harrier after the update.

Definitely agree with you on that.

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For the love of anything that the snail might consider holy, remove the fog maps ENTIRELLY this is hell to play
I’ve had matchs were up to 4 guys crash quickly because they litterally can’t see anything and eat a hill/mountainside, and the 4 is for the early match it doesn’t include all the losses to cliffsides during dogfights…

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Notice how it was a last second addition? Gaijin knew this ridiculous fog was a negative thing and didn’t really give the community a chance to test these new weathe-pain.

I love the fog. Adds an element. Y’all need to adapt. So many cool features get removed because this community just hates itself.


I like the idea of more weather effects and then being more common encounters and the fog is kinda cool. but it should be one of the rarer weather effects encountered. Had 2x Sinai EC games in a row with low level fog, its both interesting and really annoying, especially with no radar. I imagines its too bad in ARB, but still likely quite annoying.

Was that yesterday on Pyrenees? I was there and started laughing and looking behind me only to also crash into the mountain on the left of the airstrip lmao

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Na it was on that new mountain Air RB map which is hands down the worst maps in-game now. Funny enough Gaijin promised it would only be for Air Arcade and mostly for low tier but that was a blatant lie

It’s literally either fly high and die to SARH missiles - or fly low and crash into a mountain covered by infinite fog.

I imagines its too bad in ARB, but still likely quite annoying

In Simulator it’s fine since people aren’t as good but in Air RB it’s actual hell.

Show me datamine about that,…

AFAIK there is no buff

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Yes, the fog that was stated as an addition TWO TIMES in the changelog as a part of MANY NEW WEATHER PRESETS, AS WELL AS EFFECTS AND GRAPHICAL IMPROVEMENTS.

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I’ve been using the A-10 a bit with the 65Ds… The fog really makes me wish we had the A-10C with a half decent targeting pod.

Not to the extent we got in-game and nobody looks at changelogs they purposely made it a hassle to find it. Please don’t tell me you actually believe fog is a good addition to the game?

They’ve said multiple times that it was being implemented as an RB map, even back in the 2nd/3rd dev servers.
There was not a single mention of low tier.

Climb and die to SARH missiles? You say that as if it isn’t one of the most easily avoidable things at top tier.

And yet you trash on sim players for being “bad”… While you seem to have a death to kill ratio in it.


They’ve said multiple times that it was being implemented as an RB map, even back in the 2nd/3rd dev servers.
There was not a single mention of low tier.

We’ve had fog for many years now and it was completely fine before so it’s no new addition but the change is more prevalent fog games which is the issue. Having fog on the deck doesn’t really make the game enjoyable and especially in jets that easily go Mach 1.15 on deck.

Your ignorance does not invalidate details in changelogs, it’s simply your ignorance and refusal to read them.
If you don’t want to read them, fine, don’t. But don’t bitch and cry that “nobody said anything about it!!1!

New weather presets have been added — “Fog”, “Low Thunderclouds”, “Low cloud cover”. The settings for existing weather presets have changed

Ignorance isn’t the issue but the known fact the average player doesn’t know how to report, they don’t look at changelogs and their inability to actually make a report on the issue. Gaijin has been known for taking advantage of their own player base for years and your defence of it is ridiculous.

The actual change logs doesn’t mention the constant fog games we are getting currently which is the main issue I’m talking about. Oh yeah and the change is of course at the bottom of changelogs which nobody reads but I guess why not make the community suffer eh?

Climb and die to SARH missiles? You say that as if it isn’t one of the most easily avoidable things at top tier.

It is indeed avoidable but in reality you got no other option in foggy/mountainous maps since it’s either you crash into a mountain that just appeared Infront of you or you fly high to avoid mountains just to eat a SARH missile. The issue is basically expanded with the higher prevalence of fog maps but clearly you have no issue with it though.

And yet you trash on sim players for being “bad”… While you seem to have a death to kill ratio in it

I crash when I want to leave games since it takes too long to RTB, I usually test things in Simulator like my new TrackIR and I don’t really struggle generally in Simulator. Assumptions isn’t something good you know my friend?

Instead of hating on people for the sack of it just be more nice please man.

That is my only saving grace on the Gr7

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I struggle to use the targeting pod in Simulator with the GR.7 but is pretty good for looking through clouds though.

Little off topic but I’d love to see the GR.7 with the sniper pod.

Yeah, its a handy tool when you get it figured out. Theyve added new controls so you can jump straight to it without going through tv sights first. Also using activate target point to snap it to a target from cockpit including onto jets to get a zoomed in view is handy

Yes, we had a certain type of fog, until this past major update where there was an entire weather redux.
Having fog on the deck presents more of a challenge, as well as making the new (and VERY advanced for this stage) missiles struggle to lock targets. If “Having fog on the deck” doesn’t make the game enjoyable for you, it sounds like you’d rather have a much more simpler and lenient gameplay loop instead…

That’s something you need to learn. No new player comes into the game guns-blazing in the forums, they come across it over time and eventually familiarize themselves with it. That does not, however, give them the excuse of “but I didn’t know”. Each and every Major Update comes with a direct link to the changelog. A simple read-through will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about it.

Defense of what? There’s nothing here that’s “taking advantage” of anybody, and my “defense” has nothing to do with that arbitrary idea.

There are no “constant fog games”. The fog itself only appears in:

  • Low Cloud Covere
  • Fog
  • Rain (if you count the small haze due to the rain)
  • Storm (actual fog)
  • Overcast
    So… 5/12 weather presets range from mild → intense fog.

Have you ever tried looking at your altimeter? Your map? Maybe… Don’t fly in the middle of a dense cloud / fog?

Again, the most EASILY avoidable munitions in the top-tier scene. Have you never learned what an RWR is, nor did you notice the fact that all modern RWR systems now point out when a missile is receiving guidance?

I’m not assuming, it’s quite clear you “crash” very often. Even a mode as simple as ARB has a 0.75 K/D, and in ASB you have a 0.29 K/D overall… 0.31 in recent times.
As for “crashing when you want to leave”… You want to leave 4 times for every 1 kill you get? Your Harrier GR.7 is 0.26, mate. You get 1 kill for every 4 “crashes”.
Even your J-7E from your clip is 0.60… Not to mention that the clip itself as a display of skill is laughable enough.

I’ll be nice to those who invite it. When people decide to be willingly ignorant, make blanket conclusions with little to no understanding, and so on… You don’t really warrant any friendliness.
If you DO want me to be friendly, you can drop the hostile attitude towards topics that you, yourself, admit you know little to nothing of.

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