Missiles dont care about flares in latest bug

Missiles new bug is they ignore flares. R60, Aim9e… these are missiles that get easily fooled by them and yet anyone else notice this patch how they dont??? pop flare, the flares are dispersed away from you engine, cut afterburner and turn a bit, nope missile goes only for you.

Is it bug? feature?? who knows anymore when you dont playtest.


Idk ive had a aim9p ignore flares in a headon (it is a rear aspect missile) when my throttle was at 50%

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Been fortunate enough to not have that happen… yet but still none of this should be a thing and its only happened since latest patch

It’s only going to get worse as better missiles are added.

A 9M at the moment is fiendishly hard to shake unless you a) see it coming well ahead of time b) have enough separation to do the flare-turn process.

I haven’t noticed lower-tier missiles being noticeably better but the 9Ls definitely seem better at reacquiring targets if they haven’t hidden their tail pipe from the seeker.

Whenever I fire an R-60/60M it seems to reliably and consistently track everything but what I aim at. No change there!

Depending on situations, it may be related to this, IR Missile’s seeker is not looking at nozzle // Gaijin.net // Issues
However, this could be another new bug, try create a bug report if the above isn’t the case, remember to follow instructions. If it is the case, click on “I have the same issues”, that may get Gaijin to work on it faster.

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The GAME is a sad excuse for a legitimate developer! its sooooooo SAD how bad it is! Especially after 10+ years of “supposed” development!! LMFAO

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its because in sons of atilla they added so flares need to heat up, respectively missiles dont see flares as much now causing them to be a bit more resistant