Missile view bug

Sometimes when I use the missile tracking camera to follow my missile, my camera will get stuck in that view. For the rest of the game, if I fire a missile, my camera will automatically go into the tracking view and I am unable to get out of it until the missile is destroyed. Has anyone else had an issue with the missile tracking camera?

to diagnose the actual issue try to change the key with which you fire the missile as well as the tracking camera key. maybe its a hardware issue

I have changed the button for the camera tracking and did a battle. It didnt do it in that battle but im not convinced it is hardware yet. The reason being that I can use the button outside of war thunder with zero issues. A common thing I noticed but have not tried with a different button is that it appear that the bug starts when the missile explodes while I am in the tracking camera. I remember the last time it started, that happened and it was stuck in the camera until I restarted the game.

I am having the same issue.

Same issue here - started suddenly.