Missile lock on distance

Let me understand Gaijin’s thoughts here. I have an Ozelot with SAMs which don’t lock on to helos until 2.5 kms. But helos can hover at 3.5km and pick off targets with immunity?

Am I right? Like no t as if the helo has to duck and cover, rise up and launch, no they just have to hover, lock and fire. And of course you have no warning of missile lock nor visual indications. Just sit and get zapped.

Awesome logic. How about letting the missiles do what they are designed to do and stop gimping them.


its realistic m8… some helicopters, like the last russian ones have something that prevents them being targeted by MANPADS, like stingers, at least from some range. regarding the hovering helicopters… its sadly L2P from you and your team, if a helicopter could survive to come to hover above the battleflied, then its a issue of the enemy team preventing it from doing so. What is unrealistic for example is the fact that a helicopter hovers at tree level and gets a radar trace on the SPAAS… that doesnt happen in real life. o7

Ah I hear you, but the sad part is I play only pugs so your ‘you and your team’ is not so relevant.

Now I did a search and all I got was gaming references of every type. But there was a / is a real life helo that has a periscope so it can do exactly that hide behind trees, pop up and send of a missile.

meant you and the players in your team… yeah its the German Tiger that can do that because of the periscope and the f&f PARS missiles it has. but usually that’s the tactic of all attack helis that fly over a battlefield where there is no air superiority on their side, they fly at tree level so to avoid radar, which again in WT this is irrelevant because you get a radar trace for any SPAAS and its unrealistic…

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