Missile disappeared after test

So i managed to assemble the event missile and i went out to test it , and after choosing what was wrong with it i guessed wrong , when i went to the workshop the missile disappeared and i didn’t get a report for it or anything , does that mean a days play time of grinding 75k score has went to waste and i have to redo it again just so i can guess another part that also turns out to be a wrong guess and then redo it again ? if that is the case this seems like the dumbest event i have ever seen


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Exact same thing just happened to me. Absolutely ridiculous. It’s honestly just disrespectful to the players to screw us over like that with such a terribly explained crafting event.

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From what I understand, its not wasted. If you guessed wrong, you just didn’t get the extra 2 part crates towards the next missile test.
You will get your vehicle after 450k score regardless of if you guessed correctly or not. It works just like the previous events in its core, this one is just superficially more complicated for some reason.

After you’ve done your inspections on the missile and you think you’ve found the defective part, you can leave the mission and return to the hangar. Prepare the report by clicking on the Prepare the report button in the same section as mentioned above. This is where your inspections come into play, as from here you’ll need to choose the faulty part after testing the missile. Once you’ve made your choices, click on the different Prepare the report button in the faulty parts window. If you answered correctly, you’ll receive three “Resource Boxes” to help with assembling another missile, but if you answered incorrectly, you’ll only receive one “Resource Box”.
You won’t get a combat-ready missile on the first and on each try — you’ll get defective missiles for several builds, but eventually you’ll get a combat-ready missile that can only be determined in a test mission. The order of obtaining broken and combat-ready missiles is the same for all players. This means all players are on equal and pre-thought-out conditions. For successfully testing a combat-ready missile, you’ll receive a commemorative decal so that you can remember your work in the future! And importantly, for preparing a report (correct and incorrect) on a combat-ready missile, you’ll earn the important “Target Destruction Report”.

This was in the devblog, please read, it will answer all of your questions before you ask them


omg how stupid is this…now i dont see why gaijin cant understand why players dont like these stupid build events


so every first missile is a dud and every second missile is a proper one ?

Don’t expect these idiots to do anything good they all enjoy ruining the game


hello , now i finished the missle and answered the report for the 2nd time and didn’t get destruction report any idea why ?

this a very stupid event and idea, why everything has to be extremly grindy and in addition they have to add stupid mechanism of losing your test report. what if controls didnt work and was having some issues and wanted to re test it. in click of a button tons of hours gone to waste