Missed the Sturmmörser event, will it ever come back?

Basically just asking if the Sturmmörser will ever come back for either an event or for purchase. I really wanted to get it, but I was just too busy. Like if need be i would drop some money on that thing.

It probably wont, as far as i know event vehicles dont come back, if you’re on pc you could buy one on the market but i wouldn’t, i have it and even got the paint which i only remember was a pain to get, its fairly bad but i assume you want it for fun

I got double killed recently by one. Someone was helping me repair, and we got blown up. Actually we might have been ramming each other.
I’ve yet to use mine yet. Got it but haven’t used it.

An awesome vehicle and it is very sad that players are supposed to miss out on it. There should be an annual Rerun Event for all special vehicles, because this is a collection game. Collect vehicles, Skins etc.

Maybe for the 20th anniversary

Most likely not, and sadly it just keeps increasing the gap between new and old players with dozens of exclusive vehicles either not attainable or stupidly expensive.

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This is too far out. I was really disappointed in 11th anniversary after experiencing the 10th.

A grave injustice we need to end once and for all.

Hopefully in a year or two when they run out of new modern shiny things to add, they will be forced to suck it up and use old beloved favorites to drive excitement again.

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