Mirrage 2000C-S4 drag chute problem

brand new plane with no upgrades, no matter what payload i use, even with a empty payload i make with nothing on plane, when i land and smash the release chute button but it either tells me invalid speed or payload block

Cant use chute when you use flares. Either no flares and chute, or flares and no chute.

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Now I hate to be that guy, but actually it`s the Eclaire flare pod specifically that blocks the drag chute. The Mirage 2000C-S5 has more flares and loses the drag chute because it has the Eclaire flare pod, but the Mirage 2000C-S4 does not have the Eclaire flare pod and thus a lower countermeasure total, therefor, in my admittedly limited understanding, it should have a working drag chute in exchange.


That assumes Gaijin doesnt just copy paste models,which they very much do. Like GR.1 Harrier still having GR.3 cockpit.