Mirage IIIS C.70: Alpine Canard Delta

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Mirage IIIS C.70



The Mirage IIIS C.70 is a Mirage IIIS that received upgrades that took place from 1988 to 1992. These upgrades included installing canards, RWR, etc.



You can read stories before ‘C.70 Upgrade’ Here(Mirage IIIS Suggestion)

Work on improving the Mirage IIIS began in 1988. The most notable of these upgrades was the addition of canards, which improved takeoff and landing stability and maneuverability. The upgrade name C.70 also came from ‘Canard Wing at 70%’. Also, less noticeable improvements include the AN/ALE-40 Flare/Chaff Dispenser and IP-1310/ALR Radar Warning Receiver.

Although the Mirage was capable of performing a ground attack role, it was usually focused on interception missions, and very little training was conducted using the AS.30. In a typical patrol flight mission, it is not equipped with radar-guided missiles, but is equipped with two SIWA missiles and 2-3 fuel tanks.

These Mirage IIIS remained in service until 1999, when they were officially retired after flying in formation at the Mirage "99 event. Mirage IIIBS/DS “EMIR” and Mirage IIIRS “AMIR” remained in service after 1999, and the Swiss Mirage III series was completely retired in 2003.

Technical Data



Length: 15.27m
Width: 8.22m
Height: 4.5m
AUW: 6.7+@t
MTOW: 12+@t
Engine: Atar 09C-3 (4,300kgf ~ 6,000kgf)
Radar: Taran-18 Radar System
Countermeasures: AN/ALE-40 (15 × Flare + 30 × Chaff)
RWR: IP-1310/ALR


Offensive Armament
ㅤ2 × Flz Kan 65 (DEFA 552A)

Suspended Armament
ㅤ2 × Flz Lwf LL 63
ㅤ2 × Flz Lwf LL 63/75
ㅤ2 × Flz Lwf LL 63/80
ㅤ2 × Flz Lwf LL 63/90
ㅤ2 × Flz Lwf LL 63/91
ㅤ2 × Flz Lwf LL 64
ㅤ2 × Flz Lwf LL 64/79
ㅤFlz Lwf LB 66
ㅤ24 × SNORA Rocket
ㅤ2 × 450kg Panzerbombe
ㅤ2 × 450kg Sprengbombe

ㅤ2× 500L Drop Tank
ㅤ730L Drop Tank
ㅤ1,100L Drop Tank
ㅤRATO System
ㅤSEPR 841



Two-Tone Grey

‘Golden Aera’ J-2311

‘Leaving Togrther’ J-2326

‘Drachen’ J-2329





  • Ausgemusterte Mittel der Schweizer Luftwaffe
    Flugzeuge, Helikopter, Flab - Hugo Freudiger (04.06.2022)
  • Geschichte der Schweizer Luftwaffe - Hugo Freudiger (18.04.2016)
  • Militärische Kennungen der Luftfahrzeuge

+1 from me
More Deltas are needed, no matter what nation they go to or are from

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I was there that day. What a sad but beautiful day it was…



Ah, I have to dig up my old pics from that day: Have some taken from the other side of the base, taken from my balcony with the mirages taxying to the caverns just 30 meters away.

Werni, the photographer of your pics btw, is a buddy of mine. Still a very active plane spotter in Switzerland!


Depends on TT.

Aren’t these essentially the same missiles except the HM-55S being modified so that it can be fired from swedish aircraft and the HM-55 being original export variant of AIM-26B? I mainly want to confirm this because there are bunch of sources saying that the M3S could fire HM-58, RB.28 in addition to HM-55S and i could not find any official sources for that.

Nevermind, found proper source for everything

(you cited the source but i wasn’t able to read it in german)

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Since they basically said that Swiss will be in multiple TT for now , I think it would make a nice squadron vehicle for France :D !

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Who said that? When?

Mirage 50 would be better than Mirage IIIS for squadron vehicle.

As far as I know, the only thing that Gaijin said about Switzerland was ‘The addition of Hunters to the German TT does not mean that Switzerland will come under German TT’.

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it was yesterday

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We need more Mirages with canards! +1


Would love to see this one show up in a standalone Swiss tree or maybe even in the French one. +1

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Back here but to ask a specific question: under the C.70 mod/upgrade, was the cockpit ever touched (aside from the RWR display being added)? Namely something like the addition of a HUD

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Mirsge’s Head Up Display

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+1 for independent Swiss/Alpine tree


Not very likely is it?

Probably not, but that’s where I want it, so I said so.


No one knows what the future of War Thunder will be like. Gaijin always chooses the path that will make them more money.

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